Soba Noodle Stand on the Platform of Station

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This is from Kokubunji Station  ( JR ).

There is a buckwheat noodle soup stand on the platform....for people in a hurry. ( & hungry )
You buy the ticket of the food you'd like to have first @ vending machine and get in the shop and hand the ticket to the ladies working in the counter.  The food will be served in a minute.

No chair, so you eat standing.

I was running to the next meeting, but also very hungry.... tried this, the topping is fried garland chrysanthemum and sliced scallion.

Yum !  Especially in cold winter, this was a big help.  Next time, which menu shall I try ?


Anonymous said...

that sounds lovely, we have nothing like this here, at all, you eat far healthier than we do.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Easy to eat, makes you warm, reasonable and healthy.
Yes, I like this kind of noodle stand and we are lucky !