Simple Pork & Chinese Cabbage Nabe

 This frequently appears as winter dinner on my table.

Ingredients ( basic ):
Thinly sliced pork.  ( 100 g )
Chinese Cabbage ( Several leaves.... tear by hands into bite size )
Sake or  white wine ( 2 table spoon )
Water ( 2 cups )
Soy sauce or salt

Ingredients ( if you have.... ):
Ginger or Yuzu kosho or Miso

1.  Place Chinese cabbage into nabe or pot, wok.
2.  Put the pork on the cabbage.  Pour water.
3. Pour sake over it and cover with a lid.  Steam for 7 min. or so.  Check occasionally.

4.  When the cabbage is cooked and the color of the meat is completely changed. Done !
5.  You can season it with salt or just bring it to the table and then season it when you eat with soy sauce.   Add grated ginger or yuzu kosho to your taste.

6. Or, you can add miso before serving.   Miso version also tastes great.

Done !

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