LINKEDIN Seminar @ Academy Hills

Ramen Noodle Soup
I had wonderful dinner last night..... which has several food photos.  I will upload later.

For tonight, since I just came back from that, the photo is this... tonight's dinner in Roppongi.

Are you using SNS ?  Yes, I use Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter.

For Facebook, I have to say I'd like to be connected to people who I have met in person only.  Or only if introduced by some other mutual friends.

For LinkedIn, if there seems to be mutual benefits, I usually accept invitations.  Even so, I would prefer people who introduce themselves why they are sending the invitations ( if I have not met the person).

I wondered how I should use LinkedIn and attended the seminar tonight.  That's why the dinner was this simple ramen..... on the way home.

It seems, if your purpose is clear such as job hunting, recruiting or looking for business partners, it is quite helpful and you can promote yourself on LinkedIn.

It takes time to fill out all the information though.  I have filled some info., yet, my business arena is straddling several genres, so at the moment, I am using it just to keep in touch with business friends.

The work of filling information itself is probably good to clarify the current business and where I am aiming at.   It was surprising that they are operation Japan office only by 4 people right now.

Dinner Ramen was @ Jun Koku ZUNDOYA, Roppongi.


Anonymous said...

thats really interesting, I'm not on facebook very much, I have a short friends list,

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Thank you, laurie. Good thing about FB is that old friend contacts me. My experience is colleague from former companies, school.... that I had not met for ages contacted me...it is like re-union.