At Friend's New Apartment

Cheese, Dried Raisin and Smoked Duck
This friend has been a good friend of mine for this 7 years or so.

I was invited to the place.....which the friend bought in cash.

Not huge, still buying an apartment in cash is unusual.

Well, it seems different from glitzy world or people, this friend's attitude is quite down to earth.

I just watched the Discovery channel's program about Warren Buffet..... these people do not show off....they value integrity and try to keep low profile.  I like the style.


Anonymous said...

beautiful plate, I agree with the statement, whenit comes right down to it a persons integrity is all we really have, material things come and go.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

laurie, glad that you have the same opinion. really, especially after that quake, i often think about the lifestyle.