Mixture's Delivery to Open Source Cafe !

Mixture's Christmas Lunch for US
It was delicious Christmas Lunch ! by Mixture. ( link is below )

There were breads, sweets also.

After the lunch, we had events....English Cafe & Philosophy Cafe.

Philosophy..... I hadn't seriously studied before this or discussed.

It was learning experience for me.
Thinking is not bad thing..... you don't have to come to conclusion..... Really !?  OK,
it makes me feel good..... more free...... thanks to them !


Christmas of Open Source Cafe

Cafe Side
Library Side
A minute from my place.  At least once a week,  I visit this co-working space.

There are computer engineers, web designers, entrepreneurs, grad school students..... etc.etc.

Good working place, many inspring events, fun people....

I enjoyed Christmas Party of theirs.


Raspberry Sauce..... @ OSS Cafe

Raspberry Sauce
This sauce is little sour with fresh raspberry flavor....makes excellent match with that cheese souffle.

The lady of the cafe ( the owner's wife ) made it for all of us at their Christmas party.

I should interview them for Series Shimokitazawa.

2012's mission !


Cheese Souffle for Chirstmas

Will try to explain about this place and party next time.

This was soooo good.

Thank you for making this !


2011 is almost over.

Was this good year for you ?  It was sad and shocking when I think about the quake and nuke plant accident.  However, at the same time, there were also countless mysterious encounters with people.  Some are old friends who I hadn't met for ages.
Also, I met so many new people who are inspring me.  It feels like god or universe is giving me hints about life. 

There are still lots to do.  Some work and some others.  Toward the end of the year, I will think about 2011 and then start preparing for 2012.  Hope your 2011 was good one and wishing the best for 2012.