Happy Holidays !

Santa Clause with Music

This is from my aunt.  Happy Holidays !  This santa clause has music sound.  There is a button behind his face and if you press it, it starts playing Christmas Music !  

Very Hot ! My Body Started Sweating !!!

Nezumi Daikon ( Mini Very Hot Daikon Radish) 

Udon, Miso & Grated Mini Radish 
This is very small, mini daikon radish.
Apparently, this is from Shinshu or Nagano Prefecture.

This was given from my friends whose relatives are in Nagano region.

Oh, I was surprised by its pungency.
Very hot.

Both noodle and sauce is cold, so when I learned this recipe, I thought " isn't this too cold for Winter dinner ? "

No!   I started eating this cold dish, my body started sweating.  The reason is this radish.  Very hot.  It was sooooo good.

Thank you, my friends !


Grated Mini Daikon Radish ( called Nezumi: Mouse or Rat : Radish )
Miso ( 1 table spoon )  Stir it into grated radish.

Cook udon noodle following instruction. ( This was thin, so I cooked about 5 min. )
Drain water and wash in running water.   Place in plates.

Enjoy dip it into the sauce. ( Maybe you can use regular radish, which will be sweeter.)


Fish Store.... Shimotakaido & Movie

Fish Store in Shimotakaido 
Have you been to Shimotakaido Cinema ?  It's one minute from Shimotakaido Station ( next to Meidaimae ) on Keio Line.

They have good selections of movies.
I visit this theater when they are showing the ones especially I missed topical movies during first-runs.

Today, I saw this...

Then, walked around the station.  Fish store had mackerel, prawn, squid, sardine etc....

The lady approved my taking picture there, but she was too shy and ran away !
So, here is fish only. :-)


Second House, Shimokitazawa

Berry Cheese Cake 
I rarely buy cake for myself.

Once in a while, though, I feel the urge to eat some.

At Second House, Shimokitazawa, they have irresistible cakes which are shining in the display window.

Yes, this was delicious.



View from " Hokkaido " of Shimokitazawa

Set Menu

High-Rise Buildings of Shibuya, Roppongi 
This restaurant is located on 8th floor of RECIPE building right by the station of Shimokitazawa. ( south exit )

Downstairs are Daiso ( 100 yen shop  5 F ) , Uniqlo ( 2F, 3F and 4F)
and Foodium ( B1 and 1F ).

If you'd like to sing, 6F is Karaoke place and 7F is  eye clinic with contact lens shop.

Hokkaido, Shimokitazawa

This direction shows you the view of Shibuya, Roppongi.  Not clear in this photo, but you can see Tokyo Tower and at far left, you will see Sky Tree Tower.

Salmon & Salmon Roe Rice Bowl

Salmon & Salmon Roe Bowl 
Newly opened restaurant in Shimokitazawa.  

It specializes in Hokkaido dishes and the style is Japanese tavern.

They open for lunch also, so had this bowl the other day.

In the next post, I will show you the view from the place.


Setagaya-Boroichi, they sell plants also

Bonsai at Boroichi

Bonsai stall.

I didn't have much time, but enjoyed sipping amazake and fried chicken and met some friends afterwards.

Setagaya-Boroichi, A Stall from Tohoku Region

Boroichi, Setagaya 2011

The center is Canned Mackerel 
Every December 15, 16 and January 15, 16, they hold this flea-market called Boroichi.  ( meaning rag market )

There are some antique goods, but there are also foods, new products such as plants, knives, sweets, tablewares etc.....

It was nice to see the crowds and active  
people..... then I found this stall selling products from Tohoku region.

Of course !  They had canned mackerels, some sweets and dried bonito flakes.

I bought a pack of bonito flakes.
The package had cover on the top saying " HOPE ".


Christmas Tree in Mamehico Shibuya.

Memehico in Shibuya
Christmassy interior of Mamehico.

One of my favorite cafe in Shibuya.