This is the Mysterious Coffee

Taste ? hmmm
I think this is quite new and can be found at vending machine here.

From my pure curiosity, I tried and.....
...wasn't impressed.

Green tea and coffee.... some say they have already too many products in their line and had to try something anyways......hmmm, why they had to combine these two....


For a Change--- Camel's Birthday and Her Lunch

Lately, this camel has been popular..... she is turning 36 years old on December 18th and with her joint inflammation, it's hard for her to walk.  She still has healthy appetite,so what the caretaker does is to put the food away from her and makes her walk to it.... so that she moves and uses her muscles.

Average life is 25 years old for camel, it is said.  She is great grand-ma !
Her presence is encouraging senior people and she won special performance award from Japan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

I haven't visited her yet.  Someday.....

This is the zoo.


Soba Noodle in Kokubunji

Kitsune Soba 
Another place occupied by men.
( Actually, there was one lady.)

Not the noodle stand on station's platform, but near the station.

You buy the ticket of the dish you'd like and hand it to the kitchen.

The right white one is grated radish, which is extra 100 yen.


Manly Restaurant !? Would You Go ???

Pork Cutlet Curry and Rice 
Is there men's restaurants in your country ?

Well, not the clubs with beautiful ladies.

I am talking about casual, sometimes standing fast food place.

This is usually occupied by men.

C&C curry shop.  I sometimes go in there , which is usually when I am in a hurry or too tired.  The other day, I needed to run to Shibuya.  Got things done.
Then I realized that I was too hungry to go home and cook.

Stopped by.  Had this curry..... it is delicious.  If this is home, I would make green salad or something with vegetable, but no, when you are tired, this is a feast.


Simple Meal soothes My Stomach

Rice & Soup 
This is not typical Japanese breakfast.
The soup is more like Western.

It has sausage, carrot, komatsuna( similar to spinach) etc..
I made it miso soup.  You don't even have to use "dashi", the Japanese soup stock.  Instead of Japanese soup, you can use regular soup cubes.

Then add miso when the ingredients are ready... little by little till miso is fully dissolved.

The left is rice.  The topping is something new I found at store.  Bottled seasoned minced chicken.  It already tastes good, so I just added grated ginger.

We are in holiday season already.  You often go to parties, gathering and drink, eat A LOT !  This kind of simple meal is soothing and helps stomach stay healthy. ( for me.)