Hot Soupy Food in Winter Morning

Soba Noodle for Breakfast
During summer time, I wouldn't have this for breakfast.

Found naruto ( this flower like fish sausage) in the fridge.

Cooked soba quickly and added sliced naruto, green onion.

Also, in the cup, saved healthy soba water.  Supposed to be good for you with its rutin.

Cook the soba noodle following the direction.
While cooking soba, prepare hot water and make the soup from bottled soba-tsuyu.( usually sold in a bottle ).
Chop the onion and slice the fish sausage.

When soba is ready, don't dump the hot water that soba was in.  Save it for drinking later.  Put the soba noodle in the bowl which has soup.  Put the toppings.


Series Shimokitazawa X---VII ROKKOYO Direction

How to get to ROKKOYO is on this map, yet this is written in Japanese.
Let me explain.

Exit from West Exit of Shimokitazawa station, which is on the tip of Inokashira Line's platform.  Take right and go upstairs.  Go straight to the right and you will see 7/11 on your left.  Rokkoyo will be on your right in 3 min.  It's half basement.

Kitazawa 2-28-6, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo


5pm - 0am

At the moment, there is no English menu, but we are discussing to create one.
( I 'll help ! )  They don't speak English, but.....if you like Japanese sake and food, you'll enjoy.  You'll enjoy the place and their caring service.


Series Shimokitazawa X---VI ROKKOYO - Illustration

Illustration of Miya-chan is adding warm ambience....

The menu also has various illustration instead of photo.

The bottom is another drawing hung on the wall.

As seen in the drawing, I would recommend sake to drink with their food.... or shochu.


Series Shimokitazawa X---V ROKKOYO 5th Anniversary

The left is KUMADE.

At some shrines, you can buy this Rake, supposed to be a collector of money ( because of the figure ) , meaning bringing good luck and fortune to the shop.

Commercial businesses, shops often have these.

The lower dish is pickled fish... sort of herring and this marriage with gari ( ginger.... the one you eat at Sushi place ) and shiso ( Japanese basil ) .
Mamakari, Ginger & Japanese Basil


Series Shimokitazawa X ---IV ROKKOYO , Japanese Restaurant


This is typical in Shimokitazawa shops or the places I introduce at.

People of the shops are so nice.  Warm.

Cheers to Rokkoyo.

Series Shimokitazawa X ---III ROKKOYO , Japanese Restaurant

Prawn & Daikon Radish 
 Their food is not delicious seasonal dishes.... they are also healthy.

Various fish menus with vegetables.

If you live on Odakyu Line area or Inokashira Line area, you must come and try them once.

Deep Fried Horse Mackerel in Sweet & Peppery Vegetable Sauce


Series Shimokitazawa X ---II ROKKOYO , Japanese Restaurant

Salted Gingko Nuts

Illustration by Miya-chan
This was before the party.

Their specialty is seasonal foods.

Flavorful gingko nuts..... I keep throwing into my mouth and can't stop eating.

The wife, Miya-chan serves food and sake.  ( they have various good Japanese sake , shochu, beer etc... )

The husband, Kazu-san cooks in the kitchen.

If you click here and scroll down.... you'll see them.


Series Shimokitazawa X ---ROKKOYO , Japanese Restaurant

Rice Balls
I hadn't done this series since summer.

This restaurant is using nice tableware.  

A couple is running this place.  Yesterday was their 5th anniversary since they opened the shop.

Cozy, half-basement place is relaxing and good for both casual friends gathering and/or light business talk.