Christmas Decoration

Christmas Tree @ Cafe ZINC

Cyclamen@ Hanahiro, Shimokitazawa
Holiday Season has already started.

Christmas trees are everywhere, red and white decoration can be seen at stores..... Christmas sweets are sold at shops....

This is already December.


Wrapping Up Wedding ---- Dessert

You are already tired of looking at wedding food ?  Thank you for checking my blog today.

Yes, it went on and each plate was so nicely decorated and tasty.  I wanted to share these with you.

The friend, the bride made speech at the end thanking to both parents, gloom's and her parents.

It was such a nice speech...... tears came out...Her choice of career or how to live was little different from others or didn't follow the parents' expectations.  She struggled though to find her own way and here she is.....

A Slice from Wedding Cake 


Wedding --- Several More Dishes

Veal Dish
This came after a champagne sorbetto.

Una fonte con vitello e saute del gras di foie, salsa Porcini.

Cooked veal with Porcini sauce.

This hotel should be nice hotel... but I felt they are trying even harder.... the reason ? 

Because the bride is working @ wedding business website/ service company.   Maybe that is why ?  I was guessing.
It means the meals were so gorgeous and so delicious unusually. 

Thanks to the couple and their parents again.  


Wedding --- The Ambassador of Hachijojima Island

Seafood Plate
Un'anguilla marittima e la grirlia di vegetali, truffe ed un strombo assentono

If you are Italian, shouldn't be a problem.  The above is probably... conger and vegetable grill with truffle and whelk.

This shell fish was chewy and yet I loved that texture.  The conger was also delicious !

As to the reception, I was impressed with the couple's harmony, their happy, proud attitudes and sharing their happiness with us.  We were all very happy.  Then, adding to that....... the father of the gloom made wonderful, funniest speech !

We laughed and laughed.... he is the great ambassador of Hachijojima.

The gloom is from that island and the father goes....
" If you come to the island, there, sitting at that table is the owner of the bed and breakfast, we can introduce you to them, then, if you'd like to buy some land there,
Mr. XXX is also here today, then if you need to build a house, there is...."

It was sooooo funny.  I 've never visited that island, so when I travel there, I will definitely ask him for more information and introducing me to his contacts.


Wedding Course Meal Continues....@ Daiichi Hotel Tokyo

2nd Dish

This tomato dish was great also.
Let me check the menu....

I prodotti di pesca marinano ed il coupe del pomodoro.

The next is Minestrone con Parmigiano.

Very Italian !
3rd Dish


Friend's Wedding @ Daiichi Hotel Tokyo

Table Setting

When they invited me, it was unusual..... the invitation card had RSVP card and said " please select your preference. "  ???

There were three options..... Japanese, French or Italian with the whole course description.

It took time for me to come to the final decision !
I chose Italian.

As shown here, the first plate ( appetizer ) was Italian Ham and Olive.
First Plate