BIRIYANI BIRIYANI --- Time Consuming Work Entertained Us

I would like to thank the chairperson of Nihon Biriyani Association.  It was time-consuming work.  We were so hungry waiting for Biriyani.... it was worthwhile to wait.
Scrumptious spicy rice made us so happy.

Mostly people from IT related work ( or I would say who have expertise in that filed ) were working @ the cafe..... waiting for the rice and.... we were so lucky.   I thought it would be only a handful to try, but actually there was enough for everybody's seconds.

It tastes bit like curry and paella of Spain, but more complex with spices and fruits flavor.  hmmmm.

According to him, there are many restaurants in Southern India and Pakistan.   Especially near mosque.  This is feast and for instance, after Ramadan, this rice is served.    Because it takes so much time to cook this, at regular Indian or Pakistan restaurants in Japan, they do not put this on menu.   However, if you ask them in advance, they will cook for you.

The chairman of NBA is going to open the restaurant specialized in Biriyani in Kyodo.   Can't wait.



The drink is CHAI.  This was sweet and usually I wouldn't drink with meals.

For Biriyani, it was perfect match.

Spicy, very hot biriyani with soothing yogurt sauce ( chopped cucumber is adding refreshing flavor and crunchy texture.) .

Correction and Attention, please.

YOKOSONEWS, is correct description.


It was BIRIYANI night .....@ OSS Cafe, Shimokitazawa

The Chairman of Nihon Biriyani Association
Open Source Cafe often holds event such as WORD PRESS study day.... which is coming next Monday.

Yesterday was BIRIYANI party day.

The chairperson of Japan's Biriyani Association ( NBA ) came over to the cafe and cooked.....he started preparation @ 9 a.m. !  When we started eating it was almost 9 p.m. !

Will show you the dish tomorrow.... also I met nice interesting people including YOKOSO news !  ( Oh, it was such a coincidence, but I was so pleased ! )


Korean Night --- Getting Chilly...... Samgyetang

Samgyetang @ Yurakutei
My friend had sore throat, so we decided to have something hot & warm.... healthy.

Came to this Korean Chicken Soup.

Kept talking..... thanks to friendship.

It was warm night.....heart & body.... from hearty soup. :-)



Yurakutei- Between Ikenoue and Shimokitazawa

Potato Chijimi ( Korean Pancake - Potato Version)
I was with my friend @ Rakugo tonight..... Sit down comedy.

We live quite close.... probably 2, 3 minutes away..... we went to town hall and had dinner together.

At Korean restaurant, we ordered several dishes.

This was first experience.... similar to hushed potato.  You dip this into spicy soy sauce.


Yakitori Soup Rice --- from Inspiration !

Yakitori Soup Rice
This was actually good..... if you can find Yakitori or canned Yakitori ( grilled chicken ) , I would recommend to try once.

Especially if you have left over Yakitori from previous night, don't waste it !
I found this canned Yakitori in my food storage.  The commercial film gave me a inspiration.... CF said " try make this from your left over.... put our Chinese Chicken Soup Stock over the rice and Yakitori..... pour hot water ..... Tastes good ! " or something.   Of course, to push you to buy the Chinese Chicken Soup Stock.  I already had one ( could be different brand ) in my kitchen.    Yummmmm and Eaaaaaasy.   My own idea was to put wasabi on the side as condiment.   It tasted so good.