Balancing Diet with Casual Food

I do enjoy eating out.....but I'd like to balance both my wallet and diet.

Found frozen corn and unused bunch of asparagus in freezer and fridge as well as barbecued pork.

Made miso ramen noodle using a package ramen.

The temperature is gradually dropping lately..... soup bowl warms me up.


Makomodake---- Not a Rice

Grilled Pork and Makomodake
It's not rice....,but perhaps belongs to the family of rice.... the English name is Manchurian Wile Rice...., which is sitting on the top of the pork.

Makomodake.... we call it.  It has bamboo shoot like texture and a slight corn flavor.... I love it!

Then the pork.  I could have stopped at the fish.... but wanted to have some red wine.... then a bit of pork..... Men usually say " You eat very little. "  to a lady.  I was told " You eat a lot."  Thank you .  I have very healthy appetite !!!


dill fait beau 16 --Bistro in Shimokitazawa III

White Fish in Barley 
You would enjoy the texture of this dish..... chewy barley is the bedding for this well cooked white fish..... the crunchy skin and fluffy white meat.

The herb or spice aroma spreads in your mouth with no fishy smell....

I enjoyed a glass of white wine with it.


dill fait beau 16 --Bistro in Shimokitazawa II

 The appetizer and bread.  The small plate is olive oil.  yum.

KOHADA is sort of herring....

The bottom is sorry, I forgot.

( silly )


Tried Dinner @ dill fait beau 16 in Shimokitazawa

S & P 
Told you about this place.... the embroidery shop turned to a bistro.... the husband and the wife are now working together !

After having lunch there, I wanted to try their dinner.  Yes, I did.

I demonstrated my endless appetite there.....


Olive Yellowtail Sushi - Dinner Tonight

Olive Yellowtail Sushi
This hamachi ( yellowtail ) is called olive yellowtail.
They fed powdered olive to this fish and it seems this fish has good fat-acid... healthier than average.

Tastes, of course, good.  Not greasy, meaty, not fishy.

From Kagawa prefecture.