I would call this " Japanese Buffalo WIngs "

Sweet Spicy Chicken Wings 
Originally, these chickens are from Nagoya area, it seems.

Sweet and Spicy..... the spice is black pepper.... dressed with sesame.

Yummy.  On the way home after meeting, I bought these at department store in Ikebukuro.


When I am busy..... Takeouts, Eating Out, Fastfoods.....

Yes, I enjoy cooking usually or when I have time.... last two weeks, I often ate out or used this kind of takeouts.

The left is tuna roll and the right is fried food... chicken, veggies etc...

The top is pumpkin salad.

I should show you the pic of newly opened supermarket.... actually renovated.


Not Always Wasabi for TUNA. Ginger also Works !

Tuna & Ginger
This is also @ ROKKOYO.

As an appetizer, this was served.  The topping is grated ginger.  Tuna in Ponzu.

I was very tired and this was perfect for my throat, mouth and fatigue.

Little lemon juice in Ponzu helped remove my fatigue and the ginger was refreshing.
Usually I use ginger for bonito, sardine sashimi.  Not for tuna.  Hmmmmm.  This is good idea.  Next time, if you have chance, try ginger instead of wasabi.


Event is Over..... Late Night Supper

Salmon Onigiri
Last week, I couldn't write.  Too tired or didn't have time due to the event preparation I was involved in.

This is late night supper that I had the other night @ ROKKOYO on the way home.

With miso soup and pickles, my empty stomach was warmed up.  ( I skipped lunch. )