Hair Cut after So Long......

Galette Frances @ Villa, Shimokitazawa.

This has been working weekend again.  Yet, to welcome the guests for the event, I wanted to get fresh look !

Went to beauty salon and got hair cut.
My hair was so long..... am I stingy or what ?  Hadn't been to the salon for almost 1.5 years.

Felt so refreshed and hungry after that.
Found this galette shop and tried it.  It seems the shop is operated by Europeans.
Must be authentic !?





Have you been to MISHIMA city ?  The top is the event scheduled at the end of this month..... October 29th.  BAR is pronounced like Spanish BAR.

There you get 5 tickets for 3,500 yen and stroll around, enjoy the food and some drinks.....Bit of various shops..... you can enjoy.   Unfortunately, I cannot visit there this time.....I will check into their site ( only in Japanese right now ) and try to pick up some useful information.

If you have time or live near there, try visit them !  Let me hear how it was.

Squid Sashimi

Squid Sashimi
Squid sashimi dinner.  The sides are shredded cabbage and potato salad.  Steamed white rice and miso soup are included in this set menu.

@ Tonsui.

Need to clean my room...... don't have enough time lately.  Just cleaning surface....


It's been like Summer here

I am still wearing short sleeves.  At night, I wear some light jacket, but it's been strangely warm here.  I wonder if it's related to the heat of the earth.......the impact of earth quakes.  Maybe. 

It's been hectic lately.....I had dinner @ 11 p.m. and still working.  Toward the end of this month.... it will be like this.

Now I need something sweet.  I know I have something in my fridge.  ( Very bad..... cannot work out this month....... in November.. I will ! ) 


dill fait beau 16 --Bistro in Shimokitazawa

Soup and Bread

dill fait beau !, if you remember, I visited the shop owner and wrote about the shop.


The shop was renovated and she is now working with her husband there....why ?
They turned the shop into a French Bistro and the husband is the chef !

It's cool.  The front side of the restaurant is still a shop of embroidery.
You can purchase bags, clothes etc.... Inside the shop is the bistro.
Too bad, I took some pictures, but my data card was full and they are gone.

I had the lunch menu, which has soup, bread and the main dish.  For the main, I had risotto.  Barley, asparagus and makomo mush room....

For the bread plate, there were two peaces.  One was focaccia , their homemade.
Homey, relaxing and delicious.  I have to return there for dinner next time.

Enjoy their lunch from Thursday through Monday.  Closed on Tuesdays.
Dinner: 18:00-22:30 ( last order )