Yamitsuki---Addict in Shimokitazawa

Somebody gave me a nice gift for my birthday.

I will show you the pic of the gift and the  restaurant that I was treated.

This is 2 min from my place.... the name means " addict ".

That is understandable, you could go there with friends, or you could go there alone.

Cozy wine bar.  Nice !  They opened a few months ago.


Sekihoutei in Omotesando/ Tokyo


The course dinner I have shown is from Sekihoutei, above link will show you the address and other details.  It feels like visiting somebody's home. 

Yes, it is expensive, so not for everyday.   For special occasion or for treating guests.
I was actually invited, so very lucky !

It seems they won 2 stars from Michelin's Guide Book. 

Dessert No.2 w/ Matcha

It was fun surprise.....after the jelly, I thought it was over.... yes, already full , still.... it made me happy !  another sweets came with matcha green tea !  Steamed bean jam bun. 

This is Dessert No.1 --- Grape Jelly