The Course Menu STILL Continues....

This came after the fish.  Red jewell like one is salmon roe.  It's like accessory box.

The small green plates are....
right one has cooked eel with taro potato.
The top is crabmeat.  Left is Kikuna....similar to
garland chrysanthemum.

Now this is deep fried sea bream.  The green stones ( ! ) are gingko nuts.

I enjoyed these seasonal plates also.

The leaves are changing colors here.....


Ayu( Sweetfish ) and Chestnuts

Ayu & Chestnuts

This was entertaining.  These fish ( with chestnuts ) was presented on the grill.

Then served on the dishes.



The Course Menu Continues....Kaiseki Dinner

Hamo & Matsutake

The top is Wanmono....meaning the second dish of this kind of course menu and soupy dish served in bowl.

The fragrant Matsutake Mushroom and Hamo ( Pike Conger ) were sitting with delicately prepared soup.

The bottom is sashimi.  The bedding is ice.

The pink meat is ( I thought it was smoked salmon ) tuna with the surface lightly roasted.

There was a few pieces of prawn and the white fish
slices were sea bream ( or flatfish ).

For white fish, the small left sauce ( soy sauce with Japanese lemon ? ) is used, for others, the right, regular dark soy sauce is used.  



Art & Delicacy @ Japanese Restaurant in Omotesando

It was beautiful course of delicacy.  The food was exquisite and carefully presented with sensitive artistry.  The whole course was served in these Japanese serving dishes.

This mustard color dish has appetizer in it.
Marinated bean curd skin and sea urchin with wasabi on the top.

The restaurant has several rooms in a building.... which probably used to be a house.