October 1st, 2011

I realized that I didn't write yesterday, sorry.  I could show you pics of food, but I 'd like to write something different.  How we are living here now ?  or What is going on in Japan ?  or What I discussed with friends at dinner ?  

Well, I cannot organize my thoughts today.  There are some works I need to do, I have to make some fliers for my business.  I am having some dinner tonight at some nice restaurant.  I have been told, their food is picturesque.  ( Hope my old camera and mobile phone camera can capture the best of it. ) 


Chicken Curry & Rice @ Henry Good Seven

 I was @ meeting yesterday in Shin Marunouchi Bldg. right above Tokyo Station, Nijubashi Mae Station or minutes from Otemachi Station.

While I was in discussion, I forgot to mention it to other people who were having other dishes...
This curry was delicious !  With a whole chicken thigh.... I enjoy various kinds of curry... and this is not spicy type. More like European mild curry.

Sweetness from onion was delectable.


Their seats were cute, sweet with these candy colors.

Cozy cafe/restaurant.   Lunch was 1,000 yen.

Friday night, professional DJ comes and plays music, they say.  Why don't you try it once ?


Tofu Rice with Grated Ginger, Chopped Scallion, Grated Sesame and Bonito Flake

That bowl was Tofu Rice.

tofu, rice, chopped scallion, grated sesame, dried bonito flake, grated ginger and soy sauce.

1) Cook tofu in hot, boiled water till it's fully heated.
2) Rice doesn't have to be heated ( It needs to be cooked,but if it's cold, that's fine....ie) just take out from fridge )  Scoop the tofu and place on the rice.
3)  Put scallion, sesame, ginger and dried bonito flake on tofu.  ( sesame was not in the novel's recipe,but I found it's good ! )
4) Add some soy sauce.... ( I would put a teaspoonful first.  If you need some more, add some later, don't put too much before trying. )

Enjoy !


Cooking from a Novel

Can you tell ? 

Can you tell what it is ?

There is a series of Japanese novel I love, I've mentioned it before in the blog.

The setting is back in Edo Era, the girl is pursuing culinary career....( which is unusual in those days.... for woman, but that story setting itself is thrilling.)

In there, the latest story has this. It was delicious for me !


Fiesta Mexicana @ Aqua City, Odaiba

Mexican Music
 Visited my friend @ this festival yesterday.

Nice breeze from ocean.... Odaiba was newly developed in 1990s... before that, there was nothing, I think.

Business enterprises were invited to the area since then.

Now there are hotels, company offices museums, universities etc..... this shopping mall is big and similar to malls in the u.s.  You can spend a day there... movie theater, shopping, event like this.

This Mexican event, what I expected was, of course, good Mexican food and drink.
Unfortunately, the tacos, I tried was not so good.  ( This shop had almost no line, which explains.... there were long lines at other shops, but I was too hungry and couldn't wait.  ) So, had this guacamole, beer and then later, tequila and tonic soda.
Guacamole & Chips

Nice Sunday afternoon, it was nice to go out and visit somewhere totally different.

Lately, I had not gone out to places much, so I should do this kind of activity more often.

The weather is nicer now.... no more crazy heat.

It seems there is BILLS in this mall.

Should try it next time.