Malaysian Soup @ Malay in Soshigayaokura , Odakyu Line

Malay's Soup w/Rice

I saw a TV program in the morning, which was introducing a Malay home and newly wed couple,there the wife was cooking breakfast.

Hmmm.  It doesn't have to be exactly same, but " I'd like to have Malaysian Lunch today ! ".

Immediately, I googled and found a restaurant.

Took Odakyu line to SoshigayaOkura.
( Take a local line from Shinjuku.  )

Exit and turn right.  Take the middle street, which is filled with shops.

Keep walking and when you see the post office on your left, before passing the post office, turn left at the corner.  ( up to this corner is about 7, 8 min. )

Then go straight.  The restaurant will be on your right with blue door.
Their recommendation was Bak Kut Teh, the herb soup with pork.  You pour the soup over the rice and stir and eat .  Yes, it tastes bit like medicine or Chinese Herb.  It doesn't bother me, for it feels it fixes my internal condition.  Pork is tender.  The couple ( in probably 50s or older ? ) love travelling and fell in love with Southeastern Asia's Cuisine, apparently.  Both explained about this soup and the husband came out to check if I am enjoying the soup, I said " Yes, I used the chili pepper you suggested, which is good, but I am now sweating ! ".

He went back into the kitchen smiling.

In such a residential area, how would you know that this kind of exotic food is being served ?  Internet is the power...... glad that I found the place... feels like I travelled to Malaysia for lunch.

Open only on Sunday, Monday, Friday, Saturday.
Lunch 11:30-15:00
Dinner 17:30-21:00

4-21-1 Soshibaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.

The decor is Asian, casual, resort touch.... with wooden tables, chairs.


Autumnal Equinox Day --- September 23, 2011

Gray Cloudy Sky  
Today is again holiday here.  Autumnal Equinox Day.

After the typhoon, it was humid for a little while, but then suddenly Fall came.

Much cooler now and people started wearing long sleeves.   ( me , too ! )

I am wearing YOGA wear, though I haven't done YOGA for ages.  It's comfortable, stretching sports wear.

There are still some works to catch up and also I need to visit my friend's event  and possibly a
meeting tomorrow.
I'd like to read books and go watch movies.... haven't done those ... don't have enough time.  Do you say the same ?  We say "Fall is the season for sports, appetite, reading books, arts.  "   I should make some time for these.
Ramen Salad

This is the lunch I had today.... I needed to have vegetables.

Egg plant on top ( such a decoration ! ) , edamame, shredded carrot, shredded beat, cucumber, okura, lettuce etc.....

@ Cafe Zinc, Shimokitazawa


Strong Typhoon --- Stayed Home Last Night

Typhoon Buffets Tokyo, Dumps Rain in Tsunami Zone - ABC News

It was quite strong.  After one meeting, I decided to postpone the next meeting to today.  The wind and rain started around noon while I was still sitting and discussing with business associates.

When I came home, the gusty wind and rain started moaning.  It made awful whirring noise and it was hard to concentrate on work.

I checked Facebook and mobile phone... many friends were stuck in office or stranded, for most Tokyo subways/ trains stopped operation.

Long lines @ bus terminals.

Now it's clear, sunny, cooler peaceful morning here.


Typhoon Season

Another typhoon is here.... I have a meeting today, but after that better getting back before it hits here..


Avocado, Tomato and Onion / Guacamole for Snack

Guacamole Time

If I didn't have to work, I could have had a can of beer or bottle of Corona !

Instead, I had iced buckwheat tea.

The xiaolongbao lunch was too small for me, it seems.  I made this Guacamole and ate with crackers.

I just heard that people are buying more water here.  You know there are " Arrowhead" types of delivery waters.

I use both, tap water and bottled mineral water.

Usually, I use tap water and let it keep in BRITA's container and put it in the fridge door.  For cooking and drinking, I use it.  I've been using it for 8 years now.

Then, now there are about 6 2L bottles of mineral water.  This is more like for emergency, yet sometimes I use it.   Hard to define when I use it..... right after the nuke power plant accident, I used it for drinking, for there seemed to be radioactive particles fell into the Tokyo's water reservoir.

It seems fine now, but I always keep at least 5 bottles now.  ( Used to be 2 or 3 )

Recipe for Guacamole ?
You probably know better than I do.  Just chop tomato, avocado, onion.
Mash avocado and stir all the veggies.  Squeeze lemon or lime into it.  Pinch of salt and then spicy sauce such as Tabasco.


" Play with Me !" The cat knows it's holiday !?

Getting Chubby

If you've had cat, you know their character vary a great deal.

Right now, I am taking care of two cats... originally stray cats.

This one lives in front of my apartment and I feed her every night.  ( I wrote about her before.... when the original owner-- who once committed to take her in.... dumped and left her when they moved. )

She is such a spoiled character... now.

Right after she was dumped... it seemed she was afraid of dumped again and always sitting in front of the building.  Now she is more relaxed and when I come home, she comes out of somewhere and starts dancing.... ( rubbing herself to the road or cars.... )

It seems like she knows it's holiday... saying " don't you wanna play with me !??? "

Sorry, I have to work today.  See you later @ your dinner !
3 min. from Shimokitazawa Station

Chinese people are hailing from inside.... " Good, good dumpling.... Xiaolongbao....hot and juicy ! "

They opened a few months ago ?   Finally, I tried their xiaolongbao for lunch today.

Their only menu is this dumpling.  Next to the kitchen, there is a small space to eat in.  Standing counter only.

Come out to the north, Peacock store side at Shimokitazawa Station.

Turn right at the bottom of the stairs.
Then go straight till you hit the end of the street.  Turn right again.  Again, you hit the end of the street.  Take a left.  Within a minute, the shop will be on your right.

Today is Holiday ---Respect for the Aged Day

You don't have to respect me yet, thank you !  These senior people are probably over 60 or 70 years old.  According to " marketing " theory, at least in Japan, people feel 10 years younger than their actual age.... meaning if you are 50 years old, their mindset is in 40s or they feel or act like 40s.    Is it same in your country ?

I agree with this, I have no intention to lie about my age, but at the same time, as a woman, I'd like to keep it secret, mysterious.  :-)   In any case, honestly, sometimes I forget my age.

Anyways, I am trying to overcome my business workload... there are endless lists to be completed.  

I just had lunch @ Xiaolongbao place in my town.   Yes, it was good.  Crunchy shell, juicy meat inside.

Lightly Browned Xiaolongbao


Blog Writing --- I should probably write in the morning.

Lately, I have been eating out at nights for social, mixer, business dinner etc...

Need to feed my cats.... then write.  By the time I write, I am too tired or feel sleepy.

Then the contents tend to be too short or shallow, I am feeling.

Let me try to write in early morning from now on.  ( Right now , it's early afternoon.... well, it's Sunday.)

Let's see if it works.

Should I Start with What ?

My Small Sunday Brunch
Somehow, I am behind the schedule.  I have been working.... ah, I shouldn't have played with FB's music.

I should probably start with this project planning.... draw a big schedule, break it down and then estimate what kind of work/ staff will be required.

To start working Sunday, this gave me the energy.

Shrimp dumplings, Rosario Bianco ( I like the naming.  ) and tomato juice.

Ah, it's still humid in Tokyo.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend !  Working weekend.... not so bad.  I am trying to enjoy this !