Deep Fried Seaweed Pizza Ball = Zeppolline

Zeppolline @ Cuore Forte 
The above title is my naming for Zeppolline.

I think I'd never had this before.... we ordered several dishes.... last night.  This is called Zeppolline, maybe you knew.

Fluffy ball melts in your mouth with a hint of ocean....

There are several Italian places in my town, but this was a big discovery for me.  Have to go back there soon.


Cuore Forte / Shimokitazawa

Will show you some food from this place.

My friend came over and we had dinner here.

Nice Italian Bar.


Precious Sunday --- Farmers' Market in Brentwood, Los Angeles

Farmers' Market in Brentwood
Where was I ?  There are lots of food pics.  Where should I start ?  Before the  trip or after the trip, or the trip itself !?

Let me show you some pics from that Sunday, which was precious free time for me.  Other than this, I was working, working working !  It was fun and learning experience, but this was almost only time that I was able to go out and enjoy the free time.

My friends took me out to this farmers' market.  Usually I rent a car in Los Angeles, but I knew this program will be crash course and I wouldn't have time to drive around or have to .

They picked the right place for me !
Fresh fruits sampling, curry sampling etc.... plums tasted great !  strawberries, we bought 3 pints together and shared.

Thanks to them.  This area, Brentwood is nice residential area and I enjoyed looking those nice homes...... must be expensive !


Coming Back to Life

I apologize for my silence.  This is totally against my new year's resolution.  I didn't mean to be absent this long..... I had fever last week.  After my trip, from fatigue, drastic weather change etc.....I guess I was worn out.  Slept through weekend.  Now I feel better although my voice is bit husky.  

Will try to write tomorrow again.  Thanks for checking.