Healthy Food --- American Food is not Healthy ?

So far, what I have been eating is quite healthy.  Lots of salad, eggs, pasta.... and fruits !  This place serves various kinds of fruits everyday..... strawberry, grape, water melon, cantaloupe....I can never eat this much fruits @ home.


Nice Weather / Jet Lag / Big Dishes

Here @ UCLA, I'm attending as coordinator, yet, I am trying to read the assignment as the students are doing.  lots to read.  really sleepy.  Learning a lot about producing movies, informative, precious classes.


I'm on trip..... Staying in Los Angeles

Thanks to my friends who are taking care of my place and cats.   Somehow immigration took almost 2 hours.  There were only a few inspectors to check Visitors.

When I cleared it, I was worn out really.  Then I had a lunch ( Quinoa , Arugula Salad with delicious bread ) with a friend.  Vietnamese dinner with a local friend in the industry.  

Woke up refreshed, still have some jet lag.  Needed to set up internet connection on computer....My PC picked up Wi Fi, but the regular mail system didn't work.  Now it works.

During my stay, I cannot show you much pics probably.  ( It's also prohibited to take ones here. )  Sorry !  Thank you for visiting my blog as always.