Leaving For.....

I'll be leaving for a business trip and still preparing for that.  Thank you for visiting this blog.  I was planning to upload more pics today, but sorry.  Please visit this blog again !


Before the Trip

I tried to upload some pics, but it does not work.  Will try tomorrow again.

Tonight, I went to Peak Lounge of Park Hyatt Hotel, which was pretty good deal.

Hope I can introduce the place before my trip.

Adults' Version of Family Gathering @ XIV Hakone Continued IV

The Top is Crabmeat and lettuce stir-fried rice.  The bottom is Cold noodles with spicy soup.

Phew.  This was a feast really.  Then dessert plate came afterwards.

Series Shimokitazawa IX --- Part VI / Azumaji Ryu & Local Festival

Stage of The Festival
This was actually last month....mid July.


Allow me to skip my own explanation... instead, the above link will explain about BON.

The ladies wearing baby-blue/white kimono are actually from the school of Azumaji Ryu School.

Ms. Kaname and Sumi Azumaji are also in there.


Series Shimokitazawa IX --- Part V / Azumaji Ryu

1st generation meets 3rd generation
Beautiful picture of master of the school and the granddaughter of the master.

Ms. Kaname Azumaji's baby is daughter.

Ms. Kaname says " we named her Ayumi, meaning walking ( her own way).  I mean if she becomes classical Japanese dancer and inherit this school, it would be wonderful, but we don't want to force her..... that's how we named her.... to walk her own way. "

Ms. Kaname has studied physical education at college and is athletic woman.  She used to be a lifeguard and there she met her husband.


Series Shimokitazawa IX --- Part VI / Azumaji Ryu

Ms. Kaname Azumaji 
After Ms. Sumi Azumaji's lesson, the daughter, Ms. Kaname started teaching.

Usually, she talks with soft, gentle voice and is sweet.  During the lesson, she is different.

Look at this move..... holding with this pose...it requires power and strong muscle.

Adults' Version of Family Gathering @ XIV Hakone Continued III

Cow Sparerib & Summer Vegetable w/ black pepper 
This presentation was an amazing surprise, real entertaining !

Steamed Ban