Adults' Version of Family Gathering @ XIV Hakone Continued II

Stir-fried scallop and prawn and spring roll of mango
By posting here, I can review what I have been eating....and that was big dinner !  Not portionwise, probably, because each plate is not so big.

Yet, we were so full with this endless meal !  We fully enjoyed the delicacy, presentation and conversation.

We all used to get together @ New Year's celebration while our grand mother ( for aunt, her mother ) was still here.    

Lately, it was always funeral to see each other, we wanted to create some other happy opportunities.  Now, after 6 years of this uncle's death, it is happy enough.... I am sure if he sees us from the heaven, he should be happy to see our bonding and spending happy time together.   The menu still goes on..... after the dinner.... we gathered in one room and kept talking..... then after that, girls got together in one room.... meaning my room had 4 female cousins and we kept talking.....till 3a.m. it was long long night.
Scorching of red bream with "PAITAN" style and special red pepper sauce

Series Shimokitazawa IX --- Part V / Azumaji Ryu

Meaning " Washing White Clothes in The Sea"
Master, Ms. Sumi Azumaji started learning Japanese classical dancing since she was 6 years old.  Her father was playing Japanese lute and her uncle was playing shamisen... surrounded by Japanese music and traditional entertainment, it was natural for her to learn the dancing.

Her father introduced her to Bando-Style Japanese classical dancing and its  instructor.  Since then till the instructor passed away, Ms. Azumaji kept learning the dancing there.   She started teaching others around high school days.

Ms. Azumaji's daughter, the second generation is teaching at this school also.  There is also baby girl, who is the grand daughter of the master and she could become third generation .....Will keep talking about Azumaji Ryu this week.

Series Shimokitazawa IX --- Part IV / Azumaji Ryu

Posing with Fans
The master, Ms. Sumi Azumaji continues.

" We are located near Ikenoue Station, the next station to Shimokitazawa.
( Ike means pond and ue means above.)
It is said that there used to be a pond.

Shimokitazawa area is basically high class residential area.  This town's charm is that it also has casual ambiance , cultural diversity.  "


5 months since Earthquake and Tsunami

August 11.  5 months since March 11.  Today, I don't feel like posting food and fun trip etc...  just let me pray for those who passed away and who are still suffering.

I do what I can do from here.  I don't want to forget people.... there are still 90,000 people who are living with minimum items.

Thank you for visiting my blog as always.  Let me pray today.


Adults' Version of Family Gathering @ XIV Hakone Continued

Original Eel Pie
Please do not think that I eat this kind of course menu everyday, this was special event for me.

Ah, their food was wonderful.

Eel pie with curry sauce on the side !  This was sensational !

Then look at this appetizer....I cannot become a food writer.... forgot the detailed explanation on this stylish appetizer.

Jade is the restaurant located in XIV Hakone.

Assorted Seasonal Special Appetizer

Series Shimokitazawa IX --- Part III / Azumaji Ryu

It is harder than it looks

The above is website of Azumaji Ryu ( Azumaji Style or School ) .

As to the origin and the meaning, let me write later.

Ms. Sumi Azumaji is the founder, master of Azumaji Ryu.

She used to be an actress and came to Tokyo for acting.  She says " There used to be Japanese sandal shop, bag shop, umbrella shop, meat shop.....there is still some remnant of those days near the station, but mostly gone.  Shimokitazawa has been residential area with these shops.  It is unfortunate that all those will be torn down for re-development. "   " It makes me recall my aunt....I took this aunt to the coffee shop located above the antique shop..... to show her the Awaodori Dancing....that was little before she passes away. "


Series Shimokitazawa IX --- Part II / Azumaji Ryu

Using Fan
Ms. Sumi Azumaji, Master of the School
I didn't know that this school was located in the area of Shimokitazawa.

I was introduced to them by some family of the Series Shimokitazawa.

Food, Restaurant, Other shops are lined up and I wanted to work on some kind of art, cultural activities.

Then we met the master of this school and her daughter.

One Saturday morning, I visited them and.... there came these girls.

They were just like other students.... while they were in regular clothes.

I will introduce Ms. Sumi Azumaji later, but she says " When they come here, I ask them to switch their mind.  Take a deep breath and meditate. "

One thing I'd like to explain about Ms. Azumaji's kimono.  The design's motif is fireflies.  Kimono motif is supposed to be the symbols of the season.  Isn't it beautiful ?


Series Shimokitazawa IX --- Part I / Azumaji Ryu - Classical Japanese Dance

Young Ladies in Kimono
It took a while to come to the Series Shimokitazawa, Volume 9.

Thanks for checking my blog !

Next one is their dancing..... Classical Japanese dance.

Adults' Version of Family Gathering @ XIV Hakone

@ Chinese Restaurant
There were 10 people... some cousins, uncle, aunts and cousins' mother etc....

XIV is membership hotel and there are over 20 in Japan.

Over the dinner, we kept chatting..... will show you the dinner of the night.

( Doesn't this look bit like Mafia's famliy meeting !? )


Hapuna and then To Hakone

Chocolate Covered Cream Puff & Jelly, Chocolate Cake

Then dessert.....  chocolate covered ( there was chocolate fountain ! ) cream puff was delicious....

Next day was adult version of our family gathering.   We went to Hakone.

Lined Up Dessert

Hapuna / Food, Food, Food

Satellite Kitchen
Looking over satellite kitchen.
Back of cousins, relatives...

Everybody wanted to try all the food.
Here is my Japanese plate.... the right is pork shabushabu using Lavender Pork of Hokkaido.

Assorted feed for this pork has 10% barley.
The left is steamed egg hotchpotch.