Already Saturday !!!?

Gosh, i's Saturday now.  it's been such a hectic week.  I'm beat.  Am having non-alcohol beer now.

Let me finish this and go to bed !  Have a good weekend and hope I can write properly   soon.


After Ceremony Gathering @ Shinagawa Prince Hotel


International cuisine, there were mainly 4 islands the chefs were cooking.

One far left ( from my seat ) had various food such as ramen noodle, appetizer, risotto, roasted beef etc... Then another is vegetable and Chinese food, middle was Japanese island, the far right was dessert.....

For 5,500 yen, you can try them all.

I checked all the island carefully before starting. ( Don't you do that ?  )

Then started from appetizer.  Salad.  Then worked on crabmeat for a while....

Drinks are not included in this price. Check out the hotel site, HAPUNA is the place.
Chinese Plate/ Roasted Beef


Gathering of Relatives

I was away for a trip, which followed this dinner.

Will write about it after this buffet.

After visiting our family grave, we moved to Shinagawa.  

We had buffet dinner.  The uncle was foodie and his daughter figured that this big buffet would work for everybody and remembering her father.

It was a feast..... We all thought we would need to skip breakfast next morning....