Uncle's Memorial Service

Family Grave 
It was uncle's memorial service today, who passed away 7 years ago.

Relatives gathered for the service.

This is our family's grave stone.

Grand father, grand mother, aunts, uncles are sleeping here in the same grave, which is Japanese style.


Blue Garden / Harajuku

When we noticed, the place was fully packed.

Food/Drink, both fusion.  They have wines, beers and shochu selection.


If it's not raining and not too humid, terrace would be nice.

Small World

Blue Garden Harajuku 
It's such a small world.  There was familiar face in the next table when I was eating/drinking in this group.

We were in mixed company and then the next group was also like that.  We were small friends gathering and the next group was petite party.

The familiar face was somebody I knew.  Small world.  I had not met him for years.

We exchanged business card.  This restaurant is really hard to find.... hidden place, I didn't expect to meet some acquaintance. 


Visitors to Japan

Phew.  I just came back and it is now 1:30 a.m.  It was hectic today.  Will write tomorrow.  Good night !   Long day !


Bread, Rice, Noodle, Pancake or ???

Japanese Breakfast
How I decide breakfast ?  I decide carb first.

If I pick rice, I would go with miso soup and something such as egg, natto ( fermented beans ) etc.  If I pick bread, I would add salad or egg or sausage etc.

This eggplant and myoga miso soup is one of my summer favorite.  The top right is natto and chopped scallion.  ( I usually add Japanese mustard.  Sometimes I add wasabi. )


Quick Note Only: Will Try Tomorrow

Today, I had lower-back-pain...I thought I twisted my back while sleeping, but it is from fatigue !?  I went to a massage salon this afternoon.  I couldn't concentrate on work, so figured that would be the first priority.

There, I was told, probably my leg or back have been in wrong position or I crossed my legs too much, so the fatigue came out eventually.

It's better now, but I was told to take a warm bath tonight.  Yes, I love taking warm bath in winter, but haven't taken much in summer.  Only shower.  Let me refresh today and I will re-start with refreshed condition tomorrow.

( Hope it's not the sign of aging :-))


Vietnamese Sandwiches from Vi-Sand, Shimokitazawa

Beef and Chicken
The link is down at the bottom.  Beef sandwich and Chicken sandwich from Vi-sand in Shimokitazawa.  ( It's not Sand.  We tend to shorten sandwich to sand. )

You will have option.... either cilantro or mint leaves.  I chose cilantro for both and brought these to my friend's place.  ( Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to cook ! )

If you exit from south of Shimokitazawa station, keep walking and turn left at the corner of Docomo.  The shop will be on your left.