Onigiri ( rice ball ) --- At Friend's Place

Thanks to my friend's mother.  She made these for us.

Two for each.   One has beef and ginger, another had cod roe.

Black outer wrap is seaweeds.  For the first time, I learned dogs love seaweeds.  The Labrador ate crispy seaweeds like a snack !


Biidro -- Spanish Food Restaurant in Shibuya III

Chicken Dish 
Chicken dish.... I forgot the name of it, but it was also good.  Very tender.

Chatting with these "mother" friends is also a learning opportunity for me.

They are now "parent".  " I'd like my son ( or daughter ) to pursue the study." etc.etc.... This makes me think " Did my parents think like this ?"

I can see my friends' struggle also.  "  I feel this is for them, but at the same time, I wonder if I am saying it because of my ego." hmmm.  deep.


Biidro -- Spanish Food Restaurant in Shibuya II

Mushroom Dish
As mentioned before, I'm single.  All the other members of this gathering are married and have children. 

At this gathering, nobody mentioned anything about this marital status difference.

One thing I 've noticed or experienced is often married women say " I'm just a housewife." in condescending attitude.  In this case, I feel " Oh, what are you saying ?  Raising children and homemaking is great work. " Or some look at me compassionately and say " Oh, you are single !? "

I feel odd in either case, for marital status or having children or not doesn't change the person's value, it's just the way of living or maybe more simply just the current status.  Various ways of living should be there, naturally, and it is all right if the person is happy.

Maybe my way of thinking is too liberal !?   Sometimes, senior men ask me with very serious face, " Why are you still single ? "  Oh, thank you very much ! :-) 

It just happened to be.  These people wouldn't understand why ' Sex and The City ' is loved by women.  I would say, one of the reasons ( not the only reason ) is it showcases various kinds of women and their lifestyle.   What would you say ? 


Biidro -- Spanish Food Restaurant in Shibuya

Ham Salad
The other day, some classmates from high school gathered.  Total 5 people.

We were not in a same group or clique at all.

Through another friend of mine, somehow, I came and joined.  One classmate, I don't remember if I had chance to talk to during high school days.

I felt it was bit odd, but thanks to our age !

After so many years, it was nice to get to know this friend and also it was nice to chat with other familiar faces.

It was comfortable talking to the classmate I didn't know well.  She was different type... maybe that's why I didn't have any chance to get close to !?  She was hardworking student.  I wasn't really :-)  I was more keen on sports.... basketball back then.  There were only 4 classes in the high school and this was private, Anglican or Episcopal school of unified Jr. and Sr. High education.   So, I should know most of the students 'cause during 6 year education, I have been into same class with most of them Class A to D.  Yet, some students, I have never been in same class..... maybe that's why.

In any case, good, Spanish food restaurant.  We kept sharing current status etc....


French Herb, French Cafe

Refreshing Drinks 
Since there are tons of pics in camera and mobile phone, it was hard to decide where to start.

Lately, I 've been busy socializing....nice to meet business associates, people, friends, old friends....

This is the drinks @ L'OCCCITANE Cafe Shibuya.

Right by the big intersection.  1F is cosmetics.
2F and 3F is cafe.


Still Busy....Hmmmm, but Cheers to Japan's Victory ! Women's WC Soccer

Wanted write more, but still busy !!!  I know, if I didn't watch the soccer game, I could have more time, but this was the MUST !  I'll be back later if I can, if not, see you tomorrow.


World Cup Soccer/ Women's Final Japan VS. U.S.A.

Hmmmm.  I wonder if I can stay awake..... it is starting in 5 hours.  Hope I can watch it... the good thing is tomorrow is holiday for us.  We can sleep late into the morning.

Food, Food and Food

Gifts from Friends 
My friends are really nice.  I always feel lucky.  One of the reasons is this.  They are generous and often give me foods or souvenir from somewhere.....

Ms.L gave me a bunch of Italian food.... she was travelling for two weeks and gave me this basmati rice, ready-made penne arrabiata, truffle flavored oil !  Thank you !

Mr. T gave me the left two bunches of hiyamugi noodle.  Summer noodle, which we eat as cold noodle..... Thank you !
Then last night..... I will talk about it sometime.  There are many food pics !

Hectic Friday

Tempura Bowl 
Friday was again, hectic day.  I picked up this small lunch ( tempura and rice ) @ Ozeki, super market.

It was delicious though.  No complaints about food.  It was just another hectic day.

TGI Friday.  Now it's Saturday and I am having wonderful weekend.