Will Write over This Weekend !

Monday is our holiday, called Marine Day.  ( We are supposed to go to beaches !? )

Let me write during this weekend.  I just came home and it is now 2:20 a.m.

Phew.  It was long day, but it was nicely long !


Hiyamugi ? or Somen ?

Chilled Mackerel /Tomato Noodle
When I was small, I couldn't tell the difference between Hiyamugi and Somen.  These are both similar to UDON noodle, but both are served mainly only in summer.

The ingredients are same.  Both wheat flour.

Hiyamugi is slightly thicker.  That's all.  I haven't researched the origins etc..... when I find time, I will.

Anyways, this was my dinner today.  Glad that I had some time to cook this today.  Yesterday it was so hectic and my meals were convenience store lunch and instant pasta.  ( sauce was instant. )
I am not complaining about the food themselves... ( if I think about those people who are still suffering, I cannot complain ! ) But not having cooking time is irritating.
Another thing is there are foods and ingredients that are waiting for me .... in fridge, basket etc..... so, I am happy today.

( These days, convenience store foods are not bad actually.  It's just not cost effective.  Also I feel " mottainai" .....)
1 tomato
1/2 canned mackerel
1/3 cup of chopped green onion
1 table spoon of ground-up sesame seeds
1 bundle of hiyamugi noodle ( dried.... just like pasta )
1/2 cup of ready-made mentsuyu ( soba sauce )

1. Cook hiyamugi like pasta.  Boil water and put hiyamugi, cook for 4 min.
( if it's somen, the cooking time is much less.... usually 1.5 - 2 min. )

2. While waiting, make the sauce.
Pour mentsuyu into a bowl, add mackerel, chopped tomato.

3.  When the noodle is done, drain and rinse well in running water.

4. Place the noodle on the plate, add sauce w/tomato, mackerel.

5. Add sesame and green onion as topping.
( if the noodle is still warm.  add a few ice cubes. )

Enjoy !


Fruit Helps

Plum Juice
Lately, I drink fresh fruits juice frequently.  I guess body heat gets released by fruit's potassium.  

It helps to cool down and till last night, I didn't have to use air conditioner.  

This is plum juice.  Other options in this season is grape, melon, watermelon, kiwi, peach......

@ Kitazawa Kajuen, Shimokitazawa 


Kaiserhof on B1 of Shin Tokyo Bldg.

German Sausages @ Kaiserhof 
At German restaurant, Kaiserhof, we kept talking.  Yes, I found some article and let me try to translate this summary.

Since the quake and disaster, marriage agencies are having more requests for brochures and at department stores, there are more people buying engagement rings and/or wedding rings.

At O-net, a major marriage agency, the request for brochures are up 15%  year-to-year basis.  " It seems women are looking for somebody to rely on or to be with. "
they say.  At Takashimaya Department Store in Shinjuku, engagement rings and wedding rings was up 16% in April year-to-year basis.

Well, I'm single, but that idea never came to me ( ! ) , that is why I'm single !?  Aha !

More Couples are Getting Married !?

Where is the data, I had it somewhere...   I had dinner gathering tonight.... will try to show you the pic later... tomorrow.

Naturally we talked about this 311 earthquake.  Where were you and how you got home that day etc. etc.

One thing I'd like to write about is that it seems single women felt lonely and uneasy being alone and more couples are getting married now.  It is interesting.  If I found, I will try to show you the data.
We talked about it and I felt " I haven't written it ! ".

Isn't it interesting ?   I remember that I saw a news and the manager of the department store showed up  with a smile and he happily said " Thankfully, although the average sales is not doing that well, our department is doing quite well @ wedding ring section " !!!


Sudare --- Bamboo Blind

This summer, due to the power plant crisis, we have been trying to save energy.

Traditional Japanese items such as this.... sudare is effective, for it creates shady corner and make the room cooler.

Also, it looks cool....I am sort of enjoying this situation ( don't get me wrong, crisis itself is still big issue for us and I'm not saying I enjoy the crisis ) that we look back ancient wisdom.