Buffet @ Bistro Maman

Buffet @ Bistro Maman 
Fried chicken in tomato sauce, pasta, French fries, sausages, seafood stew.....and dessert.

Enjoyed meeting people, friend's photo exhibition, conversation and atmosphere.

@ my table, all new people, but it felt like we have something in common.  art, beauty, creation fans.

Crowded, Popular Shops are Filled with People

Inside Ebisu Alley 
 These tavern types of restaurants in the alley were filled with people.

 People are having good time at Saturday night.

Bistro Maman in Ebisu Yokocho ( Alley )

Bistro Maman 
This seems to be only French bistro in there.
Others are almost all Japanese.

Bistro Maman.

There came about 30 people @ the party.

Ebisu Yokocho ( Alley ) in Ebisu

Ebisu Alley 
I was invited to a party tonight .... held in Ebisu Yokocho ( Alley ).

A photo exhibition.  I've never been to this alley before and found that this was pretty cool, filled with bistro, tavern, sushi bar alley.... 

Apparently, this used to be local market... perhaps there were vegetable shops, fish store, meat shop etc....

Sort of rejuvenated by turning them into a modern, bistro type dining complex.

I enjoyed the atmosphere and am sure that I will be back there again in the near future. 


East Side of Tokyo is Different from My Area

High Rise Apartments
My area is residential area with greenery.
West side of Tokyo. I was brought up in west side and have been living in west side.

This east side has different atmosphere.

The other day, I had a meeting in this area.
On the bridge, I stopped and took this photo.

Those buildings are probably apartments.

I think I can never live in that kind of high rise building.  I would feel uneasy.


Rokkoyo Night --- Summer Food, Rice Balls

Summer Eggplant 
Rice-bag shaped rice balls.... green ones are vegetable called mibuna, orange ones are salmon flake.

Eggplant is summary food..... this one is not cooked.  These kinds are called Mizunasu, meaning watery eggplant.  Juicy, fruity flavor.

With five people party, you can share a lot.

Our conversation was fun, but the food gave us power to go on.  

Rice Balls


Rokkoyo ---These Food Made Us Drink !

Conger Eel
I will try to show you several pics from Rokkoyo / Shimokitazawa.

This was served with wasabi.

Drop a bit of soy sauce and put wasabi on eel.  Yum !  You must go with either sake or shochu.


Friends Gathered for A Friend

Girls' Gathering 

As mentioned before, a friend from Kamaishi, Iwate prefecture lost her family members... victims of the quake/ tsunami disaster.

She said she wanted to drink.... I booked this place and asked another friend to join  us.  This friend asked two other friends.... all of us wanted to have good time with her.  To cheer her up ?  That is presumptuous.....  just wanted to see her, wanted to share some time with her.  We had fun time... I hoped she had good time.... it seems she did..

Rokkoyo Simokitazawa

Japanese Sake 

This place is cozy, small restaurant.

2nd Sake bottle, I ordered.

Happy Fourth of July !


Another Knitting --- Sea Horses

Sea Horses 
Through July 17, this exhibition will be held @ Zinc, Shimokitazawa.

Marine life...made of wool yarn....might give you cooling sensation.

Enjoy !

Jelly Fish Lights..... Made of Knitting

Jelly Fish @ Zinc Shimokitazawa
The creator is Nami Yonezawa, here is her blog.... Japanese only, hoping that you can check the pics.