3/11 Tsunami Photo Project with Beautiful Music of Ryuichi Sakamoto

Satonishiki--- Japanese Cherry Season

Satonishiki Cherry 

I found inexpensive cherry @ Kitazawa Kajuen.  190 yen per 100 gram.

Sweet, little gem melts in your mouth.

Hot and Humid Weather --- Not Losing Appetite at All

Sliced Pork Salad w/Daikon, Shiso, Myoga, Ginger
Thanks to my stomach !?
Temperature here is over 30 degrees centigrade now and makes us exhausted.

Yet, I am eating all right.
The left is sprouted rice... it's between brown rice and white rice.  The outer shell has been taken out, but the not totally polished, more nutritious than white rice.
Then I added amaranth, millet, barley....
Looks bit yellow because of those.
The salad is.... the bedding is shredded Japanese daikon radish.  I also added some Japanese shiso ( basil ), grated ginger, myoga..... then the dressing is ponzu.
Yum !  It's cold, so you don't have to sweat while eating.  Soothing summer food.
One of my favorite during this season.   The tea is iced barley tea.

Summer Vegetable --- Okura

Okura ( the topping is sesame)
Bring water to boil and add a pinch of salt.

Before adding to the water, wash okura with salt , meaning rub okura with some salt, this cleans the shell of okura and takes extra downy hair.

Add them into boiled water and cook for a few minutes.  Take them out and cut each piece into 4 or 5 pieces.

Add some ground-up sesame seeds on the top and pour some ponzu.
Summery vegetable dish.... good for wine and beer also.


Lebanese Restaurant--- Sindbad in Shinjuku V

All these dishes, I love.

Why ? hmmm, they are not salty, herbs are very well used for each dish and healthy etc..etc...

I have to go back there....

Dancing Dancing 
The dancing lady invited several gentlemen to dance with her.

Then she tried some couple, ladies then she came to our table !

Yes, my senpai and I danced with her !
I wasn't very good, but enjoyed !

Lebanese Restaurant--- Sindbad in Shinjuku IV

Fish and Chicken
Deep fried white fish and seasoned chicken.

These were also delicious.

We had some Lebanese beer and then wine.  ( Rose ) 

Series Shimokitazawa VIII-VII Project Yui / Asobusiness Inc.

Asobusiness Inc. ( The website is currently in Japanese only )

Your job is supposed to be fun thing.  Asobusiness Inc. is supporting those young people who are becoming workforce and the adults who would like to work with joy.

Three principles of Asobusiness Inc.:

Dialogue ( Real Communication )/ Corporative ( To play together to get to know others )  / Project ( You have to DO things.  Work on some project and experience.
Create something or Send out your information.  You can learn something or find people who you can work with.)

" When a organization becomes ' team ", members grow and become independent. "
If your organization needs more independence of individuals ( when the hierarchy is too strict, this happens ) , if your team doesn't have real teamwork, if your team doesn't have clear principles or hasn't digested those principles well enough, if your  members are too tied up with daily task and cannot take enough time for building teamwork ....... check with Asobusiness Inc.  They will provide effective team building training, advice, projects.

I'd like to thank you Aya again, her presence itself is inspirational for me.


Lebanese Restaurant ---" Sindbad " in Shinjuku III


I really enjoyed these three starter dishes.

The top is chick-pea paste with olive oil, the left is eggplant paste the right is 7 veggie salad ( parsley was so good ) .

Healthy, light.  Similar to Turkish cuisine ?

Lebanese Restaurant ---" Sindbad " in Shinjuku II

Entrance of Sindbad

Sindbad is located on basement of Shinjuku Island Tower.  An area of Spice Road which consists of several ethnic restaurants.

This fountain is like Italian ?

The food there was delicious.... lots of veggie.

Let me try Tomorrow

I wanted to post some pics and write some more about Series Shimokitazawa / Project Yui and Asobusiness Inc...... somehow I cannot upload pics... I guess the line cannot get clear line.... hmmm. Sorry.  Will try tomorrow !

Thank you for checking my blog.  Please come back !

It was really hot and humid today.  Beer season is here.   


Lebanese Restaurant ---" Sindbad " in Shinjuku

Belly Dancer 
The other day,  I had dinner with my senpai ( senior associate ) of my first company at this restaurant.

I knew I liked Middle Eastern cuisine.... and I confirmed it again here.

What happened to the Middle Eastern Cuisine Restaurant in Tri Becca.... in N.Y. ...Robert De Niro and somebody used to own.... is it gone ?

I remember, their food was delicious and I loved the decor.  Tried to find that on the web and couldn't find it.

Anyways, I enjoyed the food there, conversation.... then suddenly, this dancer came out and the music started !

Silence, Trees, Shrine


The other day, I got to the place too early.... I had nearly 10 min. to the appointment.

Decided to visit the shrine near by.

Quiet, empty shrine gave me refreshing, tranquil 5 min.

Series Shimokitazawa VIII-VI Project Yui / Asobusiness Inc.

Aya Nakagawa founded Four Connection before launching her company, Asobusiness Inc.

Then she realized that in Japan, NPO is often considered as  volunteer organization or secondary, not serious business entity.   She decided to set up the company and make profit out of the company and then Four Square is to make a social contribution.   This way, she can work as consultant and make profit out  at Asobusiness Inc. and concentrate on social contribution @ NPO.   Asobusiness Inc.'s  

Asobusiness has developed tools for training.  Her NPO Four Connection is now Future Education Center and there she is working on projects with her friend who has similar company.  They decided to work together @ new NPO.
After March 11, they started Project Yui as the consortium to support the disaster affected area.

Asobu means to play in Japanese.  Her company is a consulting company specialized in Human Resources Development.  Often, game, project is given to a team members and they have to work together to resolve the problems or to achieve a goal.  

The clients could be business enterprises, schools and organizations.  She says " when we give them assignment to work together, you can see the phase of the organization.... some organizations haven't gone through the critical phase..... members haven't had any friction yet.  you have to have it... to get to know each other.  not always, but sometimes trainees start crying.... get so emotional.  that is all right.  after that, relationship gets improved.  you need to communicate each other....  i guess it's the current trend or the customary of Japanese.... to avoid real communication. " 


Series Shimokitazawa VIII-V Project Yui / Asobusiness Inc.

Cheese Cake @ Cafe Zinc

We met @ Cafe Zinc.  I thought she must have been real tired and needed some sugar !  We had tea and cake.  She had apricot cake, I had this cheese cake.

She continues" I chose Ishinomaki because we had a contact there.
It's really smelly there now.  I feel strange when I come back here in Tokyo.   For instance, when I came into this cafe, I looked the glass window and thought ' oh, this shop wasn't affected. '. Over there, almost everywhere , you see broken windows, so I guess my brain automatically assessed the situation and didn't realize I am in Tokyo. "

"  As I just said, it affects your mind.  It's important to control yourself.  We provide mental training to those people who are joining us before we visit the site.  Otherwise, you might lose yourself and get too emotional and will be difficult to set the dividing line. "

Let me continue tomorrow again on Project YUI and Asobusiness Inc.

Nukunukuya / Nakameguro --- Hakata Cuisine III

Chicken Tempura
 The last pics from Nukunukuya.

The left is chicken tempura... it's actually Oita prefecture's specialty.

Gyoza Dumpling Nabe 
This Nabe has white chicken soup.

Scallion, Dumpling..... Yum !

Nukunukuya in Nakameguro:
Address:2-7-10 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo ( The place is narrow, 3 story building. When I had these, my table was on 3rd floor. Nice seating and nice decor--- not luxury, but clean and comfortable chic Japanese setting. )


Dinner:17:00-24:00 ( 23:30 on Sundays and Holidays)

When you get off the train and come to exit at Nakameguro Station, take a right.
Immediately, turn right again and go into narrow alley, then go through the tower square..... when you come to a street, that is probably Nakameguro Ginza ( main street, it's still narrow ) . If you see a convenience store, take a left.  Other than this direction, try to find the address !  It's very Japanese, narrow, narrow, alley.


Series Shimokitazawa VIII-IV Project Yui / Asobusiness Inc.

Let me continue.  When Aya was teaching at school, she was shocked.... things were controlled by teachers and although the school's athletic festival was supposed to planned and run by students, they were not really planning and running.

Yet, the students were crying when things got done.  Sort of.... educated to do so, Aya says.  "They didn't know the real joy of conducting event.  They thought that was the way and just followed what they were told. "

Therefore, when she was assigned to work on that project and to be in charge, she was thrilled.  She wanted students to learn how to think and plan.... run a project as a team.  She tried to let the students to think and draw a plan.

Nukunukuya / Nakameguro --- Hakata Cuisine II

Spicy Cod Roe in Rolled Egg 
I just wanted to show you some more pics from Nukunukuya of Nakameguro.

First stop by express from Shibuya on Tokyu line or 2nd stop by local train.

This fluffy, rolled-egg has pinky red spicy cod roe which is also known as the product of Northern Kyushu region.

Yum !