Once In a While..... I use Frozen Food

Lasagna, Lettuce Salad and Japanese Grapefruit
Once in a while, I rely on frozen food.

This was lunch of the other day.
Frozen lasagna and salad.  I didn't have much time that day and this helped me.

Found some lettuce and left over beans.
Just sprinkled some salt over the salad and vinegar and olive oil.

Grapefruit is from Kitazawa Kajuen.... it's Japanese grapefruit called MISHOKAN or Misho Gold, which has wonderful smell of orange, grapefruit, buntan orange and little bitterness.

Series Shimokitazawa VIII-III Project Yui / Asobusiness Inc.

Let me write Project Yui's bank account.  If you agree with their policy, activity, please send money to the following account.  They are trying to provide opportunities of play and study for those children living in disaster affected area.

Your money will be used for volunteers' transportation, staying, equipments, training fee and such.

Your kind cooperation would be highly appreciated.

( Project Yui's Top Page/ Japanese Only )

1. Focusing onto the education of the children affected by the quake and tsunami, this project will provide high quality educational opportunity and try its best to
secure the opportunity.

2. Individual, NPO, business enterprise, government.  This project will combine each expert's human resources, expertise and material and provide the most suitable support to the affected areas and the evacuation centers.

3. Through local network, the project will assess the actual situation of those evacuees and the restoration to provide required support at required timing.

4. Especially focusing onto after school, the project will support children's daily play, study and support them through Minna no Ba ( Everybody's Square ).

5. Depending on their needs, the project will plan and implement Local Events to encourage affected people.

6. Based on the premise that the recovery requires long term, this project will build up long term support system for at least 3 years for now.

-Account Name: Project YUI Consortium
-Address: 3-1-7-302 Toho Building, Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073 JAPAN
-Account No.: 8251818
-Bank: Mitsui Sumitomo Bank
-Branch: Mita Dori
-Bank's Address: 5-28-1 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
-Bank's telephone: +81-3-3453-1551
-Swift Code/ Bank Code: SMBCJPJT

Thank you for reading.

Monju- Fast Breeder Reactor / Pull-Out Completed

It seems the pull-out work was completed.  @ 4:55 a.m. this morning.  phew.

Somehow, this wasn't reported in major news..... did I miss ?  hmmm.


Series Shimokitazawa VIII-II Project YUI/ Asobusiness Inc.

Ms. Aya Nakagawa 
She looks pretty in this pic, but she is prettier if you meet her in person.  The day I met her, she wasn't wearing make-up, but her face had beauty.... it came from her inside, I guess.

Strength, Belief, Sincerity .... the day before that or very early morning, she came back from Ishinomaki.

She recommended me a book.
" Now, Discover Your Strength"
In Japan, when students are taught at school, being standard is important or in other words, they try to fix your weakness.  That is necessary in a way, but this book tells you to find out your strength and recognize it and use it for your self and for others.

Her specialty is education and team building.  Therefore, she tries to find who is strong in what.  Everybody is different and it is good thing and a team needs to make the most of it.


Nukunukuya / Nakameguro --- Hakata Cuisine

Gomasaba/Mackerel dressed in Sesame Sauce
The other day, I had dinner with two TV industry people in Nakameguro.

Hakata - Kyushu Cuisine.

The left is vinegar pork giblets.
Middle is mackerel sashimi dressed with sesame sauce.  The bedding is shredded daikon radish.  The green thing on the top is spring onion and the right is wasabi.

You have to have this with beer, sake or shochu !

Series Shimokitazawa VIII- IProject Yui/Asobusuiness inc.

Aya Nakagawa has other faces such as the president of Asobusiness Inc.
Her office is 2 min., from my place, so this is another Shimokitazawa person !

I met her at some business gathering while ago, several years now ?
She was young, ambitious woman and aspiring to do something for younger people.
Will explain about how she came to Project YUI, but let me introduce what they have been doing with this project and her thoughts.

If you check her twitter ( only in Japanese ) , you would know how actively she has been working to help out those children in Tohoku region.

She often visits Ishinomaki, Miyagi.   You can probably check this for location:

She and her teammates play with children or talks to principals of schools.
She says " Parents, Relatives or other adults are too busy to fix the problems or too tired.  Seeing that, children cannot play with them.  Yet, they need to play around.  "    " School principals in those affected region are quite powerful, they even say ' this is the chance that Japan can change. '"

Right after graduation from college, she was a teacher at some  Jr. high school for three years.  " I thought I should work and see the reality and tried to learn how they are managing and how they are educating students. "

How she came to this project and her company  from school teacher's job ?  I will explain.

Monju- Fast Breeder Reactor / Pull-out work is starting soon?

As mentioned in this blog before, this work's preparation has started at the end of last month.  Today was the scheduled day for actual pull-out ( to pull out stuck device ) .... I thought they would start from the morning, but it seems like they are starting now or shortly.... haven't started yet !?  Still preparing for something.

As of 22:11, it says they started @ 20:50.  Hope it works out.  Be safe !


Series Shimokitazawa VIII-Project YUI/ Asobusiness Inc.


This is the website of Project YUI.  Their activities cover various genre supporting children in Tohoku Region.... disaster affected region.

Ms. Aya Nakagawa / Project YUI and Her Activities will be next Series Shimokitazawa.

Her expertise in this field is deep and I had nice talk with her.  Will try to divide the conversation into several posts, so please look forward to it.


KONAN CITY / SHIGA PREFECTURE / Council Members are Cats !

This is so cute and impressive promotion of the city !  ( It made me laugh ! )

Look at these council members... they are cats.

Kagome/ Salad Tomato Sauce for Summery Cold Noodle

Cold Noodle in Tomato Sauce ( Japanese ) 

Ready Made Tomato Sauce for Noodle 
I am feeling pressed since I have many more pics of food.... and stories ( Let me start next Series Shimokitazawa tomorrow ! ) .

This is today's dinner.  The toppings are lettuce, chopped tomato, pepper ham.

The noodle is Somen noodle... white cold noodle we have in Summer.

Just cook noodle in boiling water for 4, 5 min. and wash in cold water.  ( just use tap water and let the water run. )

Pour this sauce / soup over the noodle and toppings.

When you don't have appetite, this would work !

Lotus Palace in Akasaka/ a Friend from US

I totally forgot the name of this dumpling.... texture is... similar to Chinese.  This was also delicious.

Next catch up with her will be this November.  I can't wait.

Lotus Palace in Akasaka:

Lotus Palace in Akasaka / a Friend from US

Banh Xeo / Vietnamese Crepe
In side this crunchy, vietnamese crepe was bean sprouts and beef.  There were other kinds also.

I don't think I tried this in Vietnam, so it was first experience.  Healthy, light texture.  It looked big, but we quickly finished most of it !

Well, what we talked ?  A lot !  How President Obama is doing, universal health care ( medicare ), Japan's disaster since March, how LDP, Democratic Party, congressmen she met etc. etc.... It's great to have her once in a while in Japan.


Lotus Palace in Akasaka w/ a Friend from US

Avocado Spring Roll 
It was nice to see this friend from US again.  She was actually here in March and experienced that quake !

This was her first return to Japan since then.

We started from this appetizer.

Seasonal Fruits --- Lychee from Kitazawa Kajuen

Lychee from Kitazawa Kajuen 
A package of lychee....

Juicy, sweet fruits that Empress Yang Guifei loved.

Flowery flavor of this fruits must have been loved by that legendary empress.... imagination thrills me.