A Friend from US , A Friend from Shimokitazawa and an Abandoned Cat

Meeting various kinds of people lately.  Today's meetings were....1)  a friend from US. Political economy, policy, entrepreneurship .... is her specialty.  Informative.  She understands both US perspectives and Japanese perspectives....for me, it was learning to hear her analysis... Found good Vietnamese restaurant in Akasaka.  Will show you the pic in a few days.  2) a friend from my town.  Actually, I am going to introduce her as Series Shimokitazawa.  Her vitality, expertise in education, team building, organizational behavior was also informative.  Look forward to it, please.

Then I found this cat, straying... who was abandoned.  The family who had lived in a house across from my apartment complex moved.  They had one indoor cat and outdoor cat.  It seems they took their indoor cat only.  This poor cat seems to be confused, starved.  I can't believe that they just left her.... hmmm.  I gave her some cat food, yet I cannot keep feeding her.  sigh.  I have to ask Ms. S for help.


Spicy Chinese Noodle Lunch Set @ Koya/ Shindaita

Ladis' Set @ Koya / Shindaita 

I may not have time later to write.

Let me introduce this Chinese lunch set.
Koya has attractive Chinese lunch set and especially girls can enjoy its " ladies set " series.

This is spicy non-soup noodle.  ( I sweat !)   Chinese tea, dampling, green salad and almond jelly is included.  980 yen.

Gusto Pancake Breakfast

Breakfast @ Gusto
Gusto is similar to Denny's.
They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner @ reasonable prices.

The drink bar is included in this.
Pancake breakfast, vegetable juice, coffee.

Shimokitazawa shop was opened in May.


Cold Soba Noodle --- w/Grated Daikon Radish, Green Onion and Fish Sausage

Summery Cold Soba Noodle 
You could use grated ginger, if you like.
This time, I used Wasabi. ( you can see the green wasabi on the side )

Just cook the noodle.  (Boil water and cook for several min.... depending on the direction.  Then wash it in cold water. )

Place the noodle in the plate.

Put chopped onion, fish sausage, grated daikon radish.  Pour soba noodle soup and cold water and a piece of ice.
( My ratio was for 1 cup soup, 1/4 soup and 3/4 water... depends on the soup. )


Veggie Dinner at Tonsui

Butterbur Dinner Set

At the Entrance of High School.  
I'd like to introduce Tonsui's owner chef and his wife sometime.

Their place is homey, comfortable and the set menu is reasonable.

A cat was seriously considering his future at the entrance of high school.

Maybe he was waiting for a teacher to consult with ?

Japanese Butterbur--- Seasonal Veggie

Fuki ( Japanese Butterbur) and Deep fried Tofu, Carrot

Little bitter, sometimes used for sweets.... this butterbur is the seasonal flavor.

Stalk is very long and I don't cook it at home.

@ Tonsui, Shimokitazawa.


Thai Restaurant in Harmonica Alley

Decor of Thai Restaurant  Coconuts
I had nice chicken and basil rice here the other day.

My table was on the first floor..... it seems they have second floor as well.

Small, cozy place, people are so kind.

Harmonica Yokocho ( Harmonica Alley ) in Kichijoji

I guess these shops/ taverns/ bars are open at night.  Some are serving lunches during daytime.

If you have a chance to visit Kichijoji ( JR Chuo line and Keio Inokashira line ) , check it out, please.