Fukushima Status / Food Safety

It really requires energy to write about this.  Where should I start ?

There are too many layers and issues involved into this incident and challenge.

For today, let me write about food from radiation-contaminated area.  Unfortunately, I cannot mix up the sympathy for the farmers there and the scientific consideration.  I have been donating for them, but cannot buy and eat their vegetable.  At restaurants, maybe without knowing those vegetables have been served on dishes...yet when I can choose, I buy products from southern regions.

The other day, there was eco-market near my place.  The girl was saying with smile, " we are selling vegetables from Iwaki city !".  I thought " are you sure ?  if you think, this is eco-market, you shouldn't sell it ! ".  Instead, I didn't go....

Helping those people and choosing safer food is different issue for me.
I think those farmers should be helped by either TEPCO or government and the compensation should be guaranteed for their lost assets and incomes.
I am not willing to help them ?  No, I am not saying that.

Some news or people are saying.... " It's harmful rumors.  Vegetables are safe. "
If there are all the data for all the vegetables scrutinized well enough and studied by researches , I would eat, but even if the prime minister eats cucumbers trying to show that it is safe enough, I'm not convinced....

TEPCO's information changes everyday and I cannot trust what they say anymore...
Ministries are indicating different levels' mSv as the limit.... what's going on !?
Mext is saying 20mSv  a year, Meti 1mSv, Mhlw 50 mSv including food ....

If Japanese government is serious to invite more people to Japan, information should be properly disclosed with actual data.  Scientific explanation should be added also.

Series Shimokitazawa VIII will be starting tomorrow !

Let me start writing about Kitazawa Kajuen ( meaning orchard ) from tomorrow.
Our area is called Shimokitazawa.  It is coincidence that their family name is Kitazawa, but maybe it is KARMA !?


Spigadoro's Organic Canned Tomato

Spigadoro's Organic Canned Tomato
My recent favorite... let me introduce this Italian product.

As you can see..... I bought a case of cans....24 pieces !

This is used by ZINC ( a cafe/ dining I often visit ).  This tomato tastes much sweeter than regular canned tomato.

If you try, you can see the difference.

Upcoming Series Shimokitazawa /Kitazawa Kajuen ( Orchard )

Glass Door of Kitazawa Orchard 

Next introduction is fruit shop.

I love their freshly squeezed juice.

Aloha Table / Kichijoji

Pineapple Lamp ? 

They have Hawaiian pancakes, acai bowl, loco moco.....

Acai Bowl @ Aloha Table in Kichijoji

Acai Bowl 
I found this Deli in Kichijoji, Tokyo.

Now I can have Acai Bowl there !

Granola and sliced banana, strawberry, acai smoothie.... yum & healthy.

Tonight I was invited to a baseball game and will try to show you the pic from there toward this weekend.

Will Read Some Magazines..... Fukushima

You will be surprised if you see book stores here now.  So many magazines or special  magazines re: Nuke Power Plant or Fukushina Daiichi.

Bought some.... will try to report the status.  Let me read first.  Thank you.


I will try tomorrow !

Thank you for reading my blog.  There are things I'd like to explain about Fukushima.  Also, there are pics of food, Shimokitazawa etc....

I am having dinner now ( it's about 11 pm ) and need to work on something after that.

Thank you also for the comments.  I will write more tomorrow !!!


Series Shimokitazawa VI - V Cafe Akari --- Shimokitazawa's Macrobiotic Place

The corner of Cafe AKARI
If you exit from the west of Shimokitazawa station.  Take a right stairs up to the ground floor.

You will see Hakuyosha Cleaner Shop.
Jeans Mate will be on your right.

Keep walking.... in 3 minutes, you will see NOCE, a furniture shop on your left.  It's about half way now.

Stay on the same street.  You don't have to make any turn.  There is an intersection with signal.  3 more minutes from there.  No shops around you now..... You might feel " is this right ? "  Keep on going.

Cafe AKARI will be on your right.

Open: ( To be sure, better to call in advance.)
Tuesdays through Sundays:
Tuesday :
Wednesday through Sunday:

Hope you can enjoy your visit !
TEL: 080-4125-0817

Tabelog ( in Japanese ) 


Series Shimokitazawa VI - IV Cafe Akari --- Shimokitazawa's Macrobiotic Place

Lemon Raw Cake 

This dessert is from last visit... I think.
( I hadn't shown you this pic ! )
I will show you the lady who makes it.
Fresh, sweet, lemon flavor.... soothes you.

Natural Yeast Drink 

The left was a surprise... I thought this healthy drink wouldn't taste that good ( excuse me !  ) .

Apple juice, natural yeast liquid, Japanese summer orange, salt from Okinawa, lemon juice...

It was hot summery day..... so refreshing !

I need to write the direction etc.... tomorrow.

Have a nice week !


Fukushima Nuke Plant Status ?

You may be wondering what is going on with Fukushima Nuke Plant since then....I haven't written about it.  It is difficult to update since the condition of those 4 plants are changing constantly ( or the things TEPCO or government say change constantly ) plus the details are not fully reported officially.

I'll see how it goes and try to provide some information.

Thank you for checking my blog.  I am doing well and eating 3 meals a day... lucky me.  While I work on my own projects and other works given, I shouldn't forget people affected in Iwate and Miyagi as well as those in Fukushima.

( I have made tags...however, I haven't tagged properly enough.  For instance, "Pray for Japan " has not been tagged to those posts mentioning about disaster.  Will try to polish my blog and posts when I fine time ! )

Series Shimokitazawa VI - III Cafe Akari --- Shimokitazawa's Macrobiotic Place

Yoko-san/ The Owner & Chef of cafe AKARI
She started learning English when she was still a child.... her mother asked her.. " I think we can let you take some lessons now.... what would you like to learn ? "
Yoko-san said " English !".

So, when she applied for Kushi Institute to learn Macrobiotic Cooking, English wasn't a problem.

She went to the US and stayed @ the institute to be trained.  She also worked there.  It seems though, she didn't open a restaurant immediately.   One morning, she felt like she was told to open her own restaurant.... it sounds " A mission " came to her.... She says " I usually don't tell people much about it because people may feel spooky or weird... "  Have you had similar experiences ?  I think it would happen.  Something inside you already knows what you should do....something you love... this makes me think of the famous speech of Steven Jobs.... what she felt could be different, but I feel it's possible.

Her clean spirit doesn't force anybody to follow her way though.  She says she uses only well selected ingredients which doesn't have preservatives, additives, yet she doesn't want to judge other people who are not in Macrobiotics.

She struggled to find herself and true happiness.... It's my perspectives... so, she is open, trying to provide happy space and ambiance as well as healthy cooking which is filled with her heartiness.   I do need meats, fish and cannot change my diet to total Macrobiotics, but once in a while, I visit her place and enjoy her hand-made cooking.

Tomorrow, I will show you the drink and dessert.