" Angkor Wat " in Yoyogi

Cambodian Daikon Mochi 
There was a rumor that this place might be closed at the end of the month.

Glad that I went there with friends tonight.  They will not close.

Everything was soooooooo good !

I've never been to Cambodia, so I wonder if this is authentic.... but three of us really enjoyed !

Next Series Shimokitazawa..... Macrobiotic Cafe Dining AKARI

Akari meaning Light warms up your heart...
I talked with the owner chef.

Yes, I have shown the photo of this place previously....

She opened this place in this February.

Why ?

There is a story.... I will try to write more during this weekend....

Blogger --- Couldn't Post Any Last Night...

Let me write today..... as some of you may have recognized that I couldn't post anything yesterday....BLOGGER was in trouble and they were fixing it and it took almost one day.....

It's Saturday here today... in Tokyo.... later this afternoon..... I will try....


Tuna Rice Bowl --- " My Boom " ( Japanese English )

Tuna Rice Bowl
This is "My Boom "... I think this is Japanese English.  If you say this to senior Japanese, he/she may not know the meaning....but most young or middle aged people would understand.

That means " I am so into it right now".

This tuna bowl is My Boom for me lately.
Simple and easy, tasty.

Rice ( I used brown rice for this ).
Canned Tuna ( I use its oil also. ) / Lemon Juice ( about 2 tea spoons ) / Soy Sauce ( about 2 tea spoons ) / Japanese chili pepper ( a pinch ) / Chopped green onion ( up to you ) / Mayonnaise ( as shown in the photo/ topping )

1.  Put the rice in to the bowl.
2.  In another bowl, add tuna, lemon juice, soy sauce and green onion.  Stir well.
( This lemon juice removes fishy smell . )
3.  Place above 2. on the rice.  Put some mayonnaise on the tuna and chili pepper.

Bon Appetit !


TIBET TIBET / Shimokitazawa

Big Buddha Statue

Small Buddha Statues
These are the photos from TIBET TIBET.
( Website is written in Japanese )

( English Version )

Little trip to Tibet.....

The soy bean soup was real good, no additional ingredients ... just soy bean and salt.

Soy Bean Soup

Coffee after the Meal 


Late Lunch @ TIBET TIBET

The theme of this restaurant is TIBET.

After the parade, I had this lunch.... I didn't have much time to keep chatting and staying in the picnic, but I still needed to have lunch !

On the way back, I found this place and tried...
This lunch included soy bean soup, this plate, and then organic coffee.

The rice is coarse cereal rice... right is tofu ( the surface is crunchy ! ) , the middle small ones are bamboo shoot tempura and lotus root tempura.

The top left is like quiche with some chicken ( they can make it vegetarian plate ! ) the middle top is YUBA (soy milk skin ) and the top right.... sorry, I forgot !

There were Buddha statues in the restaurant.... The naming is Tibet.... I asked the waiters if this is related to Dalai Lama or if he has been here.... they said " we wish ! " :-)

After the Parade...... Walking Back through Kitazawa Ryokudo

It's always nice to walk along this river....

"Setagaya Energy Shift Parade "

Below is the finishing point..... they were planning to have picnic there in this tiny park.... it should be fun !

I had thin
gs to do and had to leave....

This area is also beautiful.... left is Kitazawa Ryokudo.... small river is inside... along the river... trees and flowers...

Oh, I see, for this old editor, I cannot add captions !

"Setagaya Energy Shift Parade "

I thought it would be small group of people.... this area is not so central and residential area.... it was small compared to the one held on Sunday, which had 10,000 people.... ( still compared to German ones...small ), but event organizer announced there were 700 people... I was surprised.

I guess more people are now realized that the new energy... safer way should be pursued...

I am not denying nuke power totally, but at least for Japan, the country with such frequent earthquakes..... there should be better ways......or that needs to be invented....

The picture below is the starting, gathering point.... there were speeches of organizer, the head of Setagaya ward, photographer ...etc.....

I think we walked about 5 kilometers ?

This kind of gathering.... I had an image originally this kind of anti-nuke power was for left wing people, but now it really doesn't matter...there were parents with children, young people, old people.... ( probably young enough to keep walking... senior people... over 70 or 75 ... were not there... probably it's hard for them to walk like this.... )

I am not left or right... not extreme in either way... I just live ordinary life without worrying such accident again....

Flyer / Poster Design of the Parade

Sorry, it took time to sort out this problem... I don't know what happened , but somehow new editor of the blog hasn't been working and I switched back to old editor.

It was held on May 5th... children's day... so it was called Setagaya Energy shift 55 Parade !

I was given the flyer when I saw the movie " Rokkasho Rhapsody" at the temple.

As mentioned before, I am not special activist and this time, I was feeling something needs to be done to appeal... personally I hadn't paid much attention to nuke power plant, but this time, I felt so sorry for the people who had to evacuate from the area... they didn't do anything wrong... they had to abandon all their lives and as of today, they don't know when they can go home etc..etc...

I don't want anybody experience the same ever again... it's that simple.... I feel this issue needs to be reconsidered and smart grid or whatever possible needs to take over this current measure to create energy....


Dinner of May 7th and Edamame Tofu

Edamame Tofu

Dinner of May 7, 2011
Tofu is already international word and if you live in city area, you can find it at supermarket, I believe.  If not and if you and your neighbors are waiting for distribution of TOFU, let me know. :-)
I will tell the producers here.

How about Edamame Tofu ?  I know EDAMAME is also now English or international word as well.

Can you see this little green color ?
It IS good !  The topping is grated ginger.  I poured a tea spoonful soy sauce on it.  Yum!  I hope you can try it in your area.

Last night I was running to a movie.....
and had quick dinner.
The top right is soup.... using Chinese chicken soup powder.  Boil the water and added some powder.  Then, add beaten egg, chopped green onion and wakame ( seaweed ).  The rice is brown rice.   I would say from around October ( new rice harvesting season ) , I eat white rice.... for 4, 5 months.  For the rest of the year, I eat brown rice.

The movie ?  "  Herb & Dorothy"  Have you seen it ?

A Parade --- " Energy Shift Parade " in Kitazawa Area

Somebody's Placard
The other day, there was a parade appealing " Energy Shift ".

I attended that for the first time and walked in there.

I will show you more pics from tomorrow.

I am not Environment Activist or specialist at all.  Just feeling, after that tragic accident and seeing those evacuees in that area and hearing about dumping contaminated water into ocean etc..... it has to be discussed and changed to better ways.....
Hanegi Park was Starting Point

Angel Box --- One Box a Month to Miyagi Prefecture


There is a project ( or operation ) called " Angel Box".

This is to send a box filled with food for 3 day supply to an evacuee in Miyagi prefecture.

You create your own gift box and pack it.  You don't know who will eat those.

I decided to send this once a month.
( Of course, it would be nice if I could send more often... but this is probably the best I can do... )

Below shows what I prepared.  Hope anybody who eat my box will enjoy it !
You think this helps people ?  Yes, I think so and hope so, but it was learning experience for me.  I am glad I actually did it.

1.  3 day Supply
We usually shop, cook and eat... or eat out.  There is no opportunity to see the amount of 3 day supply.  It's actually a lot.  Still I feel " I should have put that and that... oh, next time, I should do this and that. "  I also put 2litter bottle of water and another 1litter water bottle and 1 litter green tea bottle.  So, the box was real heavy.

2.  No Vegetable
It seems there are people who are cooking at the site, but some people are at home without basic infrastructure.   The direction said, " no vegetable or meat...fish... fresh products , please. "  I assume they are preparing vegetable, still in the news, it seems they don't have enough vegetable.  I included tomato juice, orange juice and carrot juice.  Canned corn, beans and pickled green vegetable and ginger... For us, eating full bowl of vegetable is ordinary thing.... I can imagine now it should be real hard life.

3. Appreciation for Everyday Supply
How fortunate we are.  I am eating food with no problem here at home.  That is really fortunate.  Again, I should thank to people who produced them and to the nature.

4. Even a bit, Feeling How They are and Be with their Soul
Maybe, what I am feeling is 1/1000,000 of their pain.  Still, it's worthwhile for me to learn that.  Without working on this box, I couldn't have felt it.

5.  Once a Month
By doing this once a month, I will remember them and keep support them in a way at least.  I am working on other supports also, but this habit will keep me thinking of them.

Thank you for reading my blog.
Food for 3 Days