Sukiyaki Flavored Sliced Pork / Bean Sprouts and Chinese Chives

Sukiyaki Flavored Pork and Veggies
I forgot to use egg.  If you dip these into fresh egg, that will taste like Sukiyaki.

I used sliced pork,bean sprouts and Chinese chives.

Amount is up to you !

sliced pork / bean sprouts/ Chinese chives ( cut into 1/3 length)
soy sauce/ sugar or mirin ( sweet rice wine) / sake ( or white wine )  / grape seed oil ( or vegetable oil ) /water

1.  Heat the pan and add a two tea spoonful oil.
2.  Cook the pork in the pan first.  Add water ( I added about 1 cup of water ).
3.  Add bean sprouts.  Add sake ( I used 1 table spoon )
4. Add Chinese chives and sugar or mirin ( 1 table spoon ) and soy sauce ( 2 table spoon) .
5.  When they are cooked.... enjoy !

Please taste it before serving.  Add some more soy sauce or sugar to make your own taste.  I forgot to use egg today and instead, sprinkled some Japanese chili pepper and that was also good.

Series Shimokitazawa V-V/ " Over Take "

Ferrari Sparkling Wine

Look at these.... this left bottle is Ferrari's sparkling wine.... you might have seen it on TV when they are celebrating the victory @ Formula One.
They are using this !

This surface coating is also special order that Mr. Sone arranged.  Same as Porche.

I like their pizza and lasagna.  Pasta selection is also good.... Italian antipasto... salad... dolce...
beer and other alcohol...

Pizza is all 1,000 yen and Pasta is also around 1,000 yen.   Some are less than 1,000 yen.

( Japanese Website )
Luminas 24 B16-7-24 Daita, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
on Tuesdays.
11:30-16:00 ( Last Order / 15:00)
18:00-24:00 ( Last Order / 23:00)

Porche's Table Coating

At Shimokitazawa Station,
exit from West. ( through Inokashira line )
Go up to the ground and turn right.  ( In front of the station, you will see a cleaner " Hakuyosha".)

Keep walking.....drug store on your right.
You are doing fine.

Then...Seven/Eleven on your left.  Good !  Keep on going.   Within 4 minutes, you will come to a gray concrete complex ( on your left ) ....there is used clothing shop and a restaurant on 1st floor and OVER TAKE is downstairs... on the basement.  Go down the staircase and you will find it !

Mr. Sone is humble.... always says hello when I see him on the street and gentle mannered person.  Easy to talk to.


5/5/2011 --- This year's Children' s Day or Boy's Day-Tradition

Bath of Iris Leaves
Kashiwa Mochi 
I may be too lazy tonight.

Please refer to this site shown below .....explaining the meaning of May 5th.

I'm not sure if IRIS is herb.... but last night I slept so well and I thought maybe it was the power of iris... the power of this herb/plant.

Series Shimokitazawa V-IV/ " Over Take "

Ferrari Red
Hope this photo shows its original color well enough.... Mr. Sone's love for Formula One is here.... Ferrari's red.

He imported the color to paint this bathroom door !  Then, he had to send the door and the paint to somewhere far in Japan to make the painter color the door.

It's better to come and see this door.... if you like Ferrari.
He says " I liked motor cycle originally to ride.... then when I was in college, I went to Suzuka for Japan Grand Prix..... then fell in love with Formula One there....yes, if you feel it there....it's totally different.... my wife loves motor sports, too.  My favorite ?
hmmm.  Usually , I don't tell this to my customers... haven't told anybody here because... there are many F1 fans and people's favorites are different....
It's Michael Schumacher.  He's committed to winning.  "

OK, tomorrow, I will introduce the menu of Over Take and special sparkling wine.


Series Shimokitazawa V-III/ " Over Take "

Formula One Items
When Mr. Sone started working, he told himself ' to have my own restaurant by 35 years old '.

He was older than his co-workers... yes, his start as cook was late.

His supervisor was younger....yet, Mr. Sone appreciates this experience and this younger staff's relentless lesson...

" Yes, he taught me all the basics... I had almost no experience...except for high school days' little waiter experience...or making spaghetti... so, I am grateful to him now.  I tried to learn everything... I think my seriousness was shown by my attitude.... therefore, he tried to teach me in any possible way... if this were fresh recruit, he could have spent 3 weeks to learn a thing... but in my case, time was precious... I had to master the same in 2 weeks.  Yes, that was hard, but I had my goal that I had set. "

This co-worker, supervisor actually became a big help when Mr. Sone opened this place.  He came over everyday to help Mr. Sone for a full 1 month... mainly to serve the customers.

Series Shimokitazawa V-II/ " Over Take "

"Over Take" original beer
 The left is Over Take's original beer.
I tastes like Kilkenny ?   Mr. Sone's selection.... he visited the brewery and ordered to make his own beer to be served @ Over Take.

Moreover, this pizza down left is eco-friendly pizza.... for slop of this beer making is used in this pizza dough.

Try their Anchovy & Onion pizza !

Anchovy & Onion pizza


Save Iwate / Items Needed... Updated Info. as of May 4, 2011

Right, I was going to work on this before my study.  Let me translate them....if you are interested, please read.  Thank you.

For wire transfer, this is the information page from Save Iwate:

As of May 4th 2011, the following items are needed:
If you are organization, business enterprises trying to send items, please contact
Save Iwate @ sviwate@gmail.com first before sending packages, thank you.

When you send items, please write what's packed in the box.... that helps their works a lot.

-Ham, Sausages etc... ( Things they can keep for long term.)
-Juices... ( Vegetable juice, fruits juice etc.... )
-Instant Coffee, Tea Bags
-Seasoned Nori (lavar ) , various seasonings ( ie: vinegar, olive oil, pepper, spicy sauce, sesame oil, chicken soup powder etc....)
-Nutrition Supplement ( Jelly type etc... )
-Sweets ( such as chocolate, candies etc..)

Daily Items:
-Shoes, Boots, Safe Shoes
-Eco Bag
-Saving Cream, Hand Cream, Lip Cream, Q-tips, Nail-Scissors
-Poly Grips and its cleaner
-Jackets ( XXXL ... large sizes )
-Eye Masks, Ear Plugs
-Sewing Kits
-Sheets ( clean ) , Comforter Cover
-Dress Cases
-Tools ( nails, hammers )
-Socks ( new ) , Underwear ( new )
-T-shirts ( new )
-Thin Cardigan ( clean ones , please )
-Thin Spring Wears ( clean ones, please )
-Radio, Ear Phones, Batteries
-Charger for Mobile phones
-Rain Wears ( umbrellas, rain chief )
-Big Bags, Day Packs
-Toilet Rolls, Box Tissues
-Cups ( for individuals, plastic ones )
-Medicines ( cold meds, gastrointestinal agents, mouthwash, plasters )
-Soaps, Shampoo & Conditioners, Tooth Pastes
-Sandals, Slippers, Rubber Gloves ( disposable or strong ones )
-Bleachers,Detergents, All kinds of cleaning substances, Air Refresher..
-Work clothing, Non slip work gloves
-Games such as cards, Japanese Chess, Manga Books, Magazines
-Packing Tape ( fabric type )

Attn: Save Iwate Office
Nataya-cho 9-36 , Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, Japan 020-0827

Thank you for reading my blog.  Thank you for your interest.

Ramen Noodle for Early Dinner

Ramen Noodle made of Rice 

I wanted to study something tonight, so decided to have early light dinner.

This is the one..... ramen noodle made of rice.

Package is shown below.

Simply boil 500 cc water and add the noodle.  Cook for 3 min.

Prepare boiled egg and chopped green onion.

Add grated sesame on the top.

Series Shimokitazawa V-I / " Over Take "

Entrance of Over Take & Mr. Sone
If you can guess motor sports from the word of OVER TAKE, you must be a motor sports fun.

Yes, the owner chef of this Italian Cafe/ Dining Over Take, Mr. Sone is a big fan of F1.

March 24, this year was their 5th Anniversary.

This restaurant is 2min. away from my place.  Too close in a way..... I usually drink or eat there alone.... for inviting friends, I need to choose other places closer to the station.  I've been saying to Mr. Sone, " I need to take some friends with me."  Some day I will.

Mr. Sone was originally working in sports goods industry.  It was wholesale company.
He worked there for 7 years in the sales department.  The latter half, he was working in Gunma Prefecture.   " When I was asked to come back to Tokyo office.... I wasn't sure if I wanted to work in Tokyo office..... then asked if there was any other option.... no way.... then I decided to leave the job."  Very quick decision.  Yes, he admits he keeps moving and prefers to take action. 

" There was another job opportunity.... but I guess I didn't have enough passion for that...  I then changed the direction and started working at Italian Restaurant. "

Here is another venture and history..... His talk continues.... 

Gardena in Shimokitazawa / Flower Bar

Through Window

This Plate is Included 
Sometimes visiting bar is difficult.... when I am alone.  With male friends or female friends, no problem.

Some of my current friends are from cafes and bars of my town.... I met them at cafe/bar and became friends.

I feel sometimes it may look like I'm looking for a man.

( I wasn't looking for a woman, either..I'm straight. )  I shouldn't be too self-conscious..yet something was uncomfortable that day.

I guess it depends on the culture also.
Here in Japan, drinking alone doesn't mean much. ( usually )

Anyways, this bar is surrounded by flowers and they gave me this nice plate.
It's included in the charge....
Flower Bar Gardena:
Open except for Mondays and Tuesdays:
Address:2-34-6 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan


Flower Bar Gardena in Shimokitazawa

Just one pic from the bar for now.
This is the flower bar in my town.

5 seats only at the counter.

You can buy flowers also.

On the Way to Shimotakaido..... @ Meidaimae Station

I guess their website is only in Japanese, but let me show you....

Soup Stock Tokyo

This is quite convenient..... Soup Stock Tokyo is popular especially among girls... nutritious, handy, healthy, easy to eat.....On the way to Temple, I had this small lunch.... they have set menu also.

Located on the platform of the station ..... you can find Soup Stock Tokyo all round Tokyo.....  I took the train from Shimokitazawa ( Keio- Inokashira line ) and transferred to Keio Line @ Meidaimae Station .... I was hungry and ran into the shop...  It's time saving also.
Chicken and Veggie Soup

on the Platform of Meidaimae

" Rokkasho Rhapsody " Moviegoing @ Temple

@ the temple

This is the site explaining about the movie.
The admission was 1,000 yen.  2 hour documentary movie about spent- nuke fuel reprocessing.... The village is called Rokkasho Mura ( Mura = Village ) .

With the recent accident, this movie showing attracted people's attention.

The temple was also holding sort of market... eco market ? should I call it ?

They were selling clothing dyed by natural ingredients ( plants and flowers ) or used items... etc...  I was expecting more quiet temple, so it was a surprise, but it was fun to stroll around in there.  The movie was powerful.... the director set the pace in a non-emotional manner and therefore, it was appealing.  It made me think....

http://j-pitch.jp/english/jfdb/title/407  ( " Rokkasho Village ")

If you have a chance, please watch...if you are considering environmental issues or nuke plants etc...British Sellafield Reprocessing Nuke Plant is also introduced there.

Save Iwate / Items Needed... will update later

It seems their needs are changing.  I will try to update their current needs later.
Thanks for remembering Japan and those evacuees from Earthquake and Tsunami.

I am trying to live regular life here in Tokyo and help them when I can.  If you can help now, please do.  If you can't, that is fine, please do whenever you can.

Thanks for stopping by.... 


Visited a Temple.... for Movie Watching

This afternoon, I visited a temple for movie watching.

This is the main hall that the movie was shown.
Religious movie ?  Oh no.  It is " Rokkasho Village Rhapsody".

Will show you more pics and explain about it tomorrow.

After that, Series Shimokitazawa's next episode, hopefully around Wednesday.

Thank you !

Dinner Goes On....

Grilled Chicken

Delicious Curry Rice
Roasted Chestnuts
Chicken and Curry.
The curry tasted sweet first.... then I started sweating.... the spice came after the sweetness....

The chestnuts were from China, for my cousin was travelling for his business.

Drinks ?  Started with beer... then red wine.

Food was great... delicious curry and all the other good dishes... but the best part was conversation.

Dinner with Relatives

Last week, I had dinner at my relative's place.   Three of us enjoyed the dinner together.

My aunt cooked all these... she wasn't feeling well for a while.  She thinks she is not a good cook, but she cooked all these and curry&rice.  I enjoyed all these.

Top is tofu.... as you already know.
Usually, I add grated ginger and soy sauce, but she was using wasabi.  That was sensational discovery for me.
This cold tofu is traditional and classic meal and without thinking I was assuming  " it has to be ginger." ( of course, for other meals I use wasabi for tofu )

Wasabi is also good.  Sometimes, you need to try different approach !
Left is mozuku...in dictionary, it says water clouds.... really ?  It's sort of sea weed.
Vinegar sauce is already seasoned and it tastes.... healthy...similar to ....hmmm.
I am trying to think of something so that you can imagine....hard to explain.

The salad had ham, sliced onion ( in spring, they are juicy and sweet ) and tomato.
Curry and rice, grilled chicken were served after this.  Usually, when I have dinner at home here, I can't cook so many dishes, so it was very special for me.

We tried to catch up with each other.... and enjoyed the reunion.

I feel fine now.... I guess I tried to write something last night.

So embarrassing to read a note I wrote when I was drunk..... I had nice gathering last night, but I feel like Bridget Jones now , goofy me !

Several glasses of wine really worked.  The funny thing is I still tried to write.
Good effort, but I shouldn't have.

Thanks for checking and coming back to this blog.  Will try to write something more decent today :-)

Monday today here is still middle of Golden Week.  I have appointment @ a temple this afternoon.  Will try to write something about it.