Fish Sausage/ Scallion / Ginger Udon Noodle

Today's breakfast.

I attended Re-union of Basketball Club this afternoon.

I knew the lunch will be big one, so breakfast was light, noodle.

Pink and white noodle... this was actually for new year season to celebrate new year.

I found some unused noodle package and ate it.  It was nice to see friends and senior people ( senpai ) ..... took us such effort to remember who's who...
Will show you the pic tomorrow.  Thank you !


Flyer from Nicolai Bergmann

Flyer of Nicolai Bergmann 

Omotesamdo After Lunch

Tulips on the Roadside
 After the lunch @ Nicolai Bergmann, I walked through Omotesando area.
On the right, Omotesando Hills, where I almost never shop ( :-) filled with brand shops ! ) .  Mostly window shopping there.  Of course, if somebody insists on buying me something knowing I cannot return anything, I wouldn't decline ! ( no trade-off ! )
These are pics from mobile phone, so not clear enough.  hmmm. I should have brought my camera.

Omotesando Hills 

Power of Flowers, Greens, Plants

Table decoration of Nicolai Bergmann Cafe.

The round ones are bamboo.

Beautiful decoration and flowers, plants have healing effect....

When we sat and talked, we exchanged business information..also discussed the latest disaster.

He knows nice places and I was grateful to him that he chose this place.
This business associate and friend.... long time friend over 20 years now.

Nicolai Bergmann Shop:

Nicolai Bergmann Shop

 Lunch meeting @ Nicolai Bergmann.  Near Aveda shop.   Flowers, moss, plants are arranged in the shop... on the wall... green carpet like grass and moss are spread.
Flower Shop Side 

Nicolai Bergmann Cafe in Aoyama

Bagel Lunch Set
Lox or salmon & cream cheese sandwich set @ Nicolai Bergmann Cafe in Aoyama.

Florist Nicolai Bergmann's shop has cafe on the left, right is flower shop.


Vibel Aoyama --- Challenging Furniture Business

If you come to Nezu Museum, almost there.

It's not on main street, but very close from the intersection of Nezu Museum.

There is a ( currently ) empty glassed in
shop building across from Museum.

Go to that side.  Turn right and take a left
immediately ( almost like going behind the building. ) .   Vibel will be on your left.   She speaks English, French and Japanese.
She will welcome you ( sometimes her husband is there ).

We worked together, so I know her.  She is hard-working, sincere woman.
I'm supporting her and her business. ( not investing financially.  as a friend )

Vibel Aoyama --- French System Furniture for Children

Toys etc...

Her shop site is:

Lights, Carpets etc...

It's been over 8 years now ?

She was originally in media business and then totally changed her career.

She drew business plan and presented that to the French Furniture Company.

Very brave and very smart.

Yes, this is furniture for children from France.

High quality, transformable ( when the child grows and needs to be changed )

As you can see they are colored beautifully.   If I can go back to.... say, 7 years old.... I would enjoy living in this kind of room.  ( I' m too big now and I don't have children. )
From Outside 


My Friend's Shop in Aoyama --- VIBEL

Blue Room
Pink Room

There are more pics of this shop..... located near Nezu Museum.
The owner is a friend of mine.... we worked @ same company while ago.... almost 10 years ago from now.  Will try to write about this shop.  After Nezu Museum, I stopped by... to see her.


Farmers' Market in front of UNU

 I forgot to ask his name or his shop name.  Thanks to him.

We had little chat and he told me how to cook this vegetable... colorful Swiss Chard.  "  Cook it with anchovy , it is good.  If boil it little before that, that will remove bitterness. "

Carrots and Swiss Chard I bought from him.

At this kind of market, chatting, interacting with farmers or people who made the products is additional fun.

Shopping @ Farmers' Market in front of UNU

After lunch, we found this market...

We enjoyed strolling around there.

Here is my pic.... the tallest one is me.

The two ladies... sorry, they happened to be in here.
I don't know them.

Dessert @ Beacon

If you haven't been here, please try.  They have nice Sunday brunch also.
I like their other restaurants also... TY Harbor Brewery and Cicada.

Located behind First Kitchen in Aoyama.  If you come from Shibuya, go up Miyamasuzaka.... when you see National Children Castle, take a left.

Beacon will be on your left.

These dessert were additional pleasure for us.....  Sweet dessert.
Sweet newlywed couple.  Matching !
Warm Chocolate Cake

Butter Scotch Pudding 


Lunch @ Beacon --- To celebrate my friend's marriage

Steak @ Beacon

Sunday lunch was to celebrate my friend's marriage.  They haven't had wedding ceremony, but officially they are now married.

I invited the friend and we had this lunch @ Beacon, Aoyama.

I'd like to write more.... if I can I will come back tonight, if not, I will continue tomorrow.

Salad @ Beacon


Omostesando --- Walking after Lunch

 I'll try to show you the lunch later....

This is Prada Building... unique design.

Farmers' Market 
After lunch, my friend and I came to this United Nation's University place.

It seems this Farmers' Market is open every weekend.

I should come here more often.
It's just fun to look around.  Flowers, vegetables, breads, juices some vendors ....you can have some snack there...

Nezu Art Museum II / Sunday Afternoon

You might forget where you are
 There are many museums in Tokyo.
I try to visit them once in a while....this Nezu Museum is the one I would visit anytime just to indulge myself into this greenery, air and quiet space.

They renovated the building and re-opened, with nice museum shop, I like this place even better.

If you take subway,get off @ Omotesando....on Ginza line or Chiyoda line or Hanzomon line, walk out from exit A5.  Go straight.... you will see brand shops and boutiques... Within 3 min., you will come to the museum.  
Aisle to the Entrance

Moss Green Carpet !

Nezu Art Museum / Sunday Afternoon

Bamboo of Nezu Museum

Sheep ? 
 If you'd like to spend some tranquil time in the city of Tokyo, this is conveniently located and you could forget where you are type of place.... art museum with beautiful garden.

Entrance of Nezu Museum