Koinobori in Aoyama

Koinobori =Flying Carp 
Flying Carp for boys' festival.  Already flying (or swimming in the sky ) @ Kodomonoshiro (National Children's Castle ) in Aoyama, Tokyo

Nice Saturday --- Nice Spring Weather

Cherry Blossom in Aoyama 
Let me write more tomorrow.

I had brunch with a friend of mine today.

Then found farmers' market in front of UNU ( United Nations University) and then went to Nezu Museum, then visited my friend's shop.


Mr. T's lunch ..... I don't have kidney disease.

Mr. T of my apartment complex often gives me sweets, fruits, vegetable juice etc.....

This is his special meal... that he got bored of... then they came to me ( ! he is supposed to eat this though.... )

He says he got tired of special meal since they don't taste much .... of course, for kidney disease, ' salt ' is poisonous.
Ah, thanks to him.  The shrimp curry and rice was good, but it is not salty enough.
I added cheese on the top and heated again.

Udon for Lunch -- Hung Over ?

Simple Udon Noodle
Lunch of this Wednesday.
Very simple udon noodle.

Topping is fish sausage ( kamaboko )
and green onion and grated ginger.
( I love ginger and add grated ginger for anything. )

Tuesday night, I was hanging out with this friend who lost mother, brother and sister in law.

I guess we had too much drink.  She and another male friend had already finished 2 bottles of wine when I got there ( they started drinking @ noon ! ).
I ordered another bottle of wine and then before that, a grass of beer.

Then we moved to another pub and kept drinking....... no wonder.
I was able to have breakfast , but after that, I started feeling dizzy..... must be hung over.

No regrets though.  We had good time and although it was very sad occasion, I think she was bit released from tension and felt little relaxed by drinking.


What Should Japan Do ? What Should I Do ?

With this terrible situation what should Japan do ?

As to nuke plant, no.1 priority is to get the situation taken care of.
As for energy, we need to think about possible alteration and alternative solution.

With regards to economy and business, we will need to create new businesses.
Food products from quake affected area including Fukushima will have difficulty to sell for a while.  Travelers will not visit Japan for a while.  Entertainment business, which is my field, will also have difficulty for a while.... could be exported, but domestic market will have difficulty for a while. ( It has encouraging power, so hope it regains more audience.)

In any case, people will be more cautious to spend money.  The possible market to make more profit is in foreign market.  And certain business will grow within Japan.
Simple, reasonable and practical items and information such as IT businesses.
Also, after experiencing these, we realized we need something more sustainable and healthy.  This health is not only physical health, but psychological health, real network and traditional ( in a way something we weren't paying much attention) culture such as craft work, art..... will be valued again as assets.  My humble opinion, so let me hear how you think and how you would re-create the society if you were in this kind of situation...... any comments would be welcomed and feel free... I 'm open minded.

What could work for this country ?  I need to think.

I guess we just have to face the fact and do our best to get over this situation.

I do not feel immediate impact to my business, but I should be prepared and think how to power up my business/work and my company.  I should probably start studying more....

This is a big challenge for everybody here.... definitely difficult, still I'd like to struggle and move forward, for that's the only thing I can do at the moment.

For Hair Salon Interview, Please Wait !

It's taking time, your patience would be much appreciated.

Fermented Beans and Rice Cake

Baked rice cake is sitting in fermented beans and chopped green onion.

Seasonings are soy sauce and Japanese mustard.

Very easy.


Something Beautiful

I talked with a friend yesterday.... we agreed that people here ( even in Tokyo ) are stressed out.  Still gets shaky, radiation, that tsunami shock...  

It may have given you the same stress ... sorry and thank you for still reading my blog.

Don't worry, if you can't do anything for the people in the affected area.  I'm sure they will need long time support, so if you could remember them, don't forget about them.  At the moment, you must be worried about the radiation and I wouldn't push  you to come over here, but when things are settled, please visit Japan !

Also, in your daily life, if you go for any shopping, if there are choices, please buy products made in Japan !  These are helpful, too !

OK, I was going to write about something beautiful...

I have a plan to go to RAKUGO ( sitdown comedy show ) later this month, this is to laugh.  Something funny is helpful.... another thing which could work ( at least for me ) is to see something beautiful.

I'd better do something.... will visit museum this weekend !  I have a brunch appointment, so maybe before or after... 

Movie Talk for a Change

Have you been to movie theater lately ?  Any good one ?  Let me think what I have seen ....

' King's Speech'
I love this movie.  Encouraging true drama.  I didn't know about his challenge.
Interaction between the King and the doctor is Each character was very well performed by experienced actors and actresses.  As always, Jeffrey Rush was great.  He's impressed me since ' Shine'.

'Social Network'
Music was powerful.  Story was interesting since I use Facebook.
IT business start up is well described.

If you like Isamu Noguchi or his art, must see how his mother came to Japan and lived.

I think I've seen a few more.... I'll tell you if I remember that.

Shinonome---Let me check and see.....

The other day, I wrote about this area where 700 evacuees are coming.  I was checking the website of the information, yet sometimes they change the items depending on the needs.  Let me check and see again.

Willing to help.

I feel so lucky to have such good friends.  I feel so sorry that I can't be of any help.
Tonight, I was drinking with friends.  A friend of mine lost her mother, brother and her sister in law.  I' m speechless tonight.


Next Series Shimokitazawa --- Hair Salon

Next interview will be a hair salon.  Why ?  Right after last month's big quake, there were frequent aftershocks.  It happens anytime.... even when I'm taking bath and washing my hair.

Imagine, it's scary.  ( I don't want to go out naked when the quake keeps shaking ! )

I usually go to different hair salon for hair cut etc.... ( well, I haven't been to hair cut for very long time....)

I found this salon, whose shampoo & blow-dry is reasonable.  It's relaxing also... to have professional shampoo the hair.

Look forward to it ! ( Toward next weekend, I will try to start. )

A Package to Shinonome in Tokyo

While I'm trying to support Tohoku region directly, I sent a box of items today to Shinonome area.

According to this volunteer group, 700 evacuees are coming to the area's public apartment complex this week.  They need supplies.

I have to go back to work since I am working on some project proposal today.

Let me write about this tomorrow.  Thanks for reading !

Today's Dinner - Cous Cous

I had keema curry for lunch.  There was a retort pouch keema curry and I added ground meat ( beef & pork).

Using that left over, I added broccoli, sausage and some sliced pork and cooked all together.

Instead of rice, I cooked couscous.

Couscous is so easy to make, just add boiled water and olive oil... then a tea spoon of butter.  ( If you don't have butter, you can skip that.)

Couscous is good food to be preserved.  One box in your food stock.


Worried about " Nice " Children

It seems children in quake/tsunami affected areas are coping with this difficulties quite well.  Adults say " they are the hope ".

This worries me.  They must have fears, feelings of loss, depression etc.... I'd like to say to them "You can cry.  Cry enough and then get up again. "

If they get used to holding back their feelings and try to be too nice.  They have to pay for it later... when they get older.   We shouldn't give them too much burden.
They are trying to please and encourage adults.  It's good to tell them " work together and be strong." , but at the same time, they need to relax and behave as children first.

Save Iwate --- Supplies Needed

Let me introduce Save Iwate's information:( only in Japanese )

This is volunteer organization and therefore, they do move quickly and practically.
( At the moment, official work is taking time ie: for donation allocation etc...)

As I mentioned previously, major centers receive supplies first.
There are small evacuee centers still short of supplies.

When you send items in boxes or envelopes, please write on the top what's in side.
It takes extra time for them sorting out the items.

ie) Soaps and Shampoos

Atten: Save Iwate Office
Nataya-cho 9-36 , Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, Japan 020-0827

As of April 8, the followings are needed: ( excluded too large items or thing inappropriate for shipping from overseas)

canned food ( especially meat, fish ) , retort pouch, curry set
sports drink, orange juice for children, baby food, vegetable juice
instant coffee, tea bags
seasonings ( vinegar, olive oil, pepper, sesame oil etc..)
dietary supplement
sweets ( chocolate, candy etc. )

storage bins
paper cups, paper plates,chop sticks(disposable) ,plastic wrap
tools ( nail, hammer etc.)
basin, soap, washboard,clothes pin,  laundry line etc. for laundry.
XL jackets
socks ( brand new ) , underwear ( brand new )
T shirts ( brand new )
clean sheets,comforter, mattress
rain coats
large bags

sanitary items, toilet paper, box tissue
tooth paste, shampoo, razor, soap
lip balm, Q tips, nail scissors
skin lotion, moisturiser
candle, flash lights
toys for kids

Thank you for your attention and cooperation in advance.

Tsukimasa --- Green Tea Cafe

Tsukimasa Set 

Tapestry in Tsukimasa
Inside Tsukimasa
I had brunch and tea with a friend today.

Green tea cafe, Tsukimasa.

We wanted to have something sweet after brunch and came here.

Steamed jam bun.  Green tea and tea pot.  The right container is for hot water.

You can enjoy various green tea here.

Direction - Exit south @ Shimokitazawa station.  McDonald's side.

Go between game centers and keep on going..... you will come to five street junction.  Take the middle and Tsukimasa will be on your right.

10:00-21:00 on Weekdays
10:00-21:00 on Sundays and Holidays
Closed on Wednesdays