Electric Power is still Here

I can still watch tv here. not using heater, lights in rooms except for kitchen. staying in bed, this way i don't have to use extra electric power.

I am fine in Tokyo / Trying to save energy

For those living in foreign countries, thanks for your concern. I am fine. My area is quite safe, today I went to drugstore and supermarket. People are trying to prepare for the possible power outage. It is right now 5:51 p.m. here.

From 6 pm to 7 pm, big consumption of electric power is expected. @ hospitals especially ICU need power, so we are trying to save as much energy as possible.

Situation is being covered by news, I guess. If I see anything around me, I will try to update, but it is OK here.

Thanks again.


Big Earthquake

We had massive earthquake here in Japan today. I am in Tokyo and could still feel strong quake. When I came home, magazines, books were scattered, fridge door was open, cosmetic basket was tumbled over etc... yet, not too bad. I just cleaned them.

It was scary though.... I was in a shop talking in a meeting.... first hit was not so sharp, it felt like " I'm feeling dizzy?".

Then it got bigger.... stepped out to the street and there many people were in shock and just staring swinging electric cables....

All the main trains have cancelled their operations and workers had to walk to get home... some buses are in operation.

mmm. Will write some more tomorrow. Thank god, I am safe and not hurt, but it seems North East region is in immense harm.

Lunch Plate @ Cafe AKARI

All vegetable. Soup is made of bechamel sauce, sake lees, enoki mushroom etc...
The plate had deep fried dumpling, fried lotus root w/hijiki ( sort of seaweed ), pickles and fried cucumber w/balsamic, soy sauce.

It looks light, but filling. The rice was brown rice. If you chew well, it takes time and you would feel full.

Cafe AKARI in Shimokitazawa

Newly opened macrobiotics cafe. I had lunch plate set. The owner chef has studied Macrobiotics @ Kushi Institute in Boston.


After So Many Years... What would you do !?

I have noticed that women tend to be nervous about their looks when there is re-union event. For re-union, what is typical thing to do ? Going to hair cut, nail salon or aesthetic massage !? While ago, when I attended high school reunion, I could tell that everybody spent time and money on look. I am wondering what I should wear. I mean I do not change my style so drastically....yet, I 'd like to look good. Another thing is if I could recognize everybody. Some people are easy since their faces, hair style or feature show no difference. Some people are difficult .. totally different. Of course, we look much older..... yet, isn't it embarrassing when you can't tell who you are talking to ? mmmmm. I should think some good way to figure out. If you say, " You are so beautiful , I couldn't recognize you. ", you are saying -she was not so beautiful in the past- Or if you say " you look so feminine now " = you were manly in the past = Oh, well. It should be just fun and nice to get together, but if I start thinking like this, it's comedy already.

Cherry Blossom / Around March 29

This year, the cherry blossom will start blooming ( in Tokyo area ) around March 29. Later than last year.
It's been bit cold lately, so makes sense.

If you are planning to come visit Tokyo to see Cherry blossom, the full bloom will be around April 7.

At the moment, we are still wearing thick coat, so cannot imagine that flower season is right there....I can feel Spring is there, but the temperature is too low.

When I don't have much ingredients....

This is easy and tasty and I often make this.

1/2 of canned tomato.
A slice of garlic.
Tea spoonful salt for water/ a pinch or little more for sauce.
1 table spoon of olive oil.
Pasta for one. ( I usually use 100 grams or depends how hungry I am.)
Parmesan cheese.

1. Bring water to boil.... about 1000 cc.
2. Add tea spoonful salt into the water.
3. Add pasta. Follow the instruction of the package. ( if it says 7 min. i would cook for 6 min. )
4. Heat the pan and add olive oil. When the oil is ready, add sliced garlic.
5. Cook the garlic till it starts smelling.
6. Add canned tomato. Stir well.
7. Add some salt to your taste. keep cooking.
8. When the sauce gets thicker, it's ready. ( if it's too watery, no good.)
9. Drain pasta and add pasta into the sauce.
10. Warm the pasta little and add Parmesan Cheese.

Enjoy ! I usually cook tomato sauce first. Sometimes it takes more time and to avoid overcooking pasta,
if it's easier for you, make the sauce first, I would suggest.

Enjoy !


Today's Breakfast

I found forgotten Japanese Daikon Radish in the fridge. Poor radish, there are small halls ! ( It means the radish is old....)
Didn't want to throw away or waste. Made Chicken breast and Radish Soup with grated ginger. Just slice the radish and chicken ( bite size ). Pour water and chicken soup powder and add chicken and radish. Add 2 spoonful "sake " or white wine.

Wait till chicken is cooked. Add some ginger and chopped green onion for the color ( if you have ).

Cherry Blossom Post Card ( Scented )

I have been writing post cards everyday... or if I missed one day, write double the following day.

The fun part is to look for nice/ cute or lovely card that I would love to receive. This one I found @ Itoya in Shibuya ( located in Tokyu Toyoko Departement store, adjacent building to Shibuya Station. )

Lower bottom, there is a stamp mark and if you scratch there, you can enjoy cherry blossom smell....

My mind is already in Spring !

Spring Snow

We were ready to welcome Spring.... then it got very cold.... then snow yesterday. I took this photo yesterday morning.

Ha ! Where is my Spring !?


Cherry Blossom from Izu ( Shizuoka Prefecture )

@ Cafe Zinc. This is real.... fresh cherry blossom.. It is from Izu ( peninsula ) region. Izu is known for its hot springs.
It's probably warmer there.

The end of this month or early April..... we can enjoy Cherry Blossom , when all the Japanese feel " glad to have been born as Japanese ".

I need to go back there Gumbo & Oyster Bar in Shinjuku

This is the deep fried oyster plate. mmmm. It was really good.

I think the starter 4 pc oyster plate was 1,200 yen. Please check the menu. The people who were eating in this restaurant was relatively older compared to the ones at other restaurants on the same floor. ( for instance, the buffet all you can eat place was filled with young people who looked like college students ) Was it price or volume or food ( oyster is not preferred ? ) ?

I guess young people wanted to eat much more.... volume was the key.

You Can Eat Oyster Any Time

Did you know that nowadays you do not have to worry about off season of oysters.... according to the waiter of this restaurant.
Yes, oysters can be imported from Australia or New Zealand.... ( when we are in Summer, they are in Winter ), but that's not only reason. Some part of Hokkaido ( Japan's northern island ) and Tohoku region ( North East of Japan) provide these restaurant oysters all the year around.

I had lunch @ Gumbo & Oyster Bar located on 8F of Lumine Est. For starter, we had this fresh oyster. Bigger ones are from Lake Saloma ( Hokkaido ) , although they are big, the flavor was rich and creamy. Then smaller ones are.... sorry, I forgot.

Then we had deep fried oysters. Yummy.... they are from Hiroshima prefecture. Big, fluffy. I enjoyed the good deal ! The fried oyster has side salad, rice and coffee. The price was 1,000.

What I shouldn't forget is the sauce.... it may look regular spicy, sauce with lemon.... no. This was strawberry sauce and grapefruit. This was first time that I tried oyster with strawberry sauce. They do match !