Cold Stone Creamery and Others

While I enjoy Japanese and other ethnic / international foods, I love American food also. Talking about dessert, this Cold Stone Creamery ( it was much much better than expected ! ) , Krispy Kream Donuts, Baskin Robins..... Probably not so healthy, but you would need some kind of booster out of your busy or tiring days... just once in a while.

When I was in junior high school, Baskin Robins was expensive or for somebody with dainty tooth....not something I eat often.
What I did was always looking at the menu....the ice cream list of the month and enjoyed imagining how they would taste in my mouth.....


Noodle Sandwich --- Yakisoba Pan ( Bread )

Too much carbo ?  If you go to European style bakery, you wouldn't find this. Fried noodle bread..... this is usually sold @ local, small, traditional Japanese bakery. Noodle is fried with Worcester sauce... with shredded pickled red ginger.

Somehow I like to have it once in a while.

Finally Tried " Cold Stone Creamery " !

Do you have " Cold Stone Creamery " in your city ? They came to Tokyo a while ago... probably several years.
I wanted to try their ice cream, but when they came to Tokyo, their first shop in Roppongi was always with long long line....
I didn't want to wait for over an hour or so for ice cream.

Once in a while, I saw their shops every now and then, but every time, I didn't have time or was on the way to a meeting.

Finally this week, I did eat ! I had lunch @ Lumine Est right above Shinjuku station and there on the same floor.... 8F, I found Cold Stone Creamery ! My order was "Say Cheese ! " which has double strawberry ,cheese cake and chocolate fudge w/ waffle bowl.

Very creamy...it melted in my mouth.... mmmmm, I have to go back there again. It seems now they have 8 shops in Tokyo and also many more throughout Japan.


Chirashi Sushi / Girls' Festival

I did nothing special for girls' festival tonight. Families with daughters ( small girls ) would do. Simply enjoyed FESTIVE food !

Chirashi Sushi is one typical food for this festival. I found mini-package at basement of department store in Shibuya.

Seafood such as cubical tuna, crab meat, salmon roe etc.... on vinegar rice. All the girls in Japan, be healthy and be happy !


Ramen Package Delivery to be cooked @ Home

I found this flyer @ post office. This is Ramen Delivery... they are not cooked. They are to be delivered as package and you cook home ! This is very Japanese, isn't it ?

Regional flavor is lined up.... Hokkaido ( known for Miso Ramen ) , Fukushima , Fukuoka ( Pork Soup ), Akita ( Chicken Broth ) etc.....

Maybe I should order and try.... ?

Plum Tree @ Hanegi Park II

Pink Version...

Plum Tree @ Hanegi Park

Enjoy ! They smell nice..


Curry & Cabbage instead of Rice

I need to go back to work tonight, so let me quickly show you this.... my new recipe.
Curry is Indian cuisine originally, but what we eat here in Japan is bit different.

If there is any supermarket or shop which is selling Japanese curry ( retort pouch ) , you can put that bag into boiling water
and leave for 5 min. or so, then it will be ready.

Instead of rice, I used shredded cabbage. I think it's less calorie and has more vitamin C. ( don't boil this cabbage too long, for it will loose vitamins. )

Tasted pretty good. I don't really care about " low carbo" diet, but once in a while, eating this...curry without rice is refreshing.


Ohinasama - Chop Stick Cover

I explained about Girls' festival. I had lunch @ Cafe Zinc in Shimokitazawa today. ( Very late... I was busy, so lunch was around 4 p.m. ! ) Dish was served with this chopstick cover. ( Inside, there was a pair of chopstick. )

These are the couple, the main characters of Girls' Festival. They are actually prince and princess. It seems like this tradition originates from Heian Period's aristocrats' play... probably children played with dolls. Heian period is a.c. 794-1185.

Answer is.... Sobagaki

That was Sobagaki....it looks like fish ball or meatball..bit. This is made of buckwheat flour. I would say it's buckwheat polenta.

In the soup, sliced carrot, sliced radish ( Japanese daikon radish) and komatsuna ( green veggie similar to spinach ).

Healthy, light lunch. I had to work this weekend and to refresh myself, I walked over to the park and enjoyed the plum blossoms there.