Next Quiz , This Eggs Benedict is from ???

We love this ! We shared, so it's half the size. For us, this was enough. If you ask them, they serve on two plates.
Little drive, but it's still in Waikiki Area.....

More from Sorabol, Honolulu

During the dinner, we kept thanking the lady of Hilton....

Thanks to Ali'i Tower's Concierge @ Hilton Hawaiian Village

We were supposed to join the bride and gloom's gathering that night, somehow, we showed up @ wrong timing and it seems we were too early. We went out for the dinner and came back..... now it was too late.

Probably famous for local people.... following the advice or the lady working @ Hilton, we had Korean Barbecue dinner @ Sorabol.
Just google SORABOL, HONOLULU. Easy to find. Near Alamoana Shopping Center.

MAC 24/7 @ Hilton Waikiki Beach

The answer is MAC 24/7 , Hilton Waikiki Beach. We were staying at Hilton Hawaiian Village and this Hilton is different one.
On the lobby floor, you can find this place. The one we ordered is Baanana, Walnut and Chocolate Chunk. Now I just checked their menu.... mmmm, the Elvis also sounds good. We parked at the hotel, with validation, it costs another 3 dollars FYI.

If you like, pancake, please try !!! Their decor is also nice, casual.


Pancake in Honolulu

Have you been to this place ? No, not Eggs 'n' Things..... somewhere in a hotel. OK, will answer to this tomorrow !
Think !

2nd Dinner with Friend

Oden place was filled with people.... it seems popular. Called " OGURA". We ordered Assorted Oden Plate.

Haneda - Honolulu

I was in Honolulu to attend my friends' wedding. This time, for the first time, I took the flight leaving Haneda Airport.
You may know about this new operation... started in last October. So convenient. I worked till 6p.m. then, took the bus from Shibuya station. At around 8 p.m., I was already at the airport. The flight departure was 23:59, so I was too early, but strolled around to see what are there..... had this buckwheat noodle, the sauce was sweet walnut sauce. Yum !

Well, this was actually starter for me.... my friend arrived afterwards, then I had Oden with her !