Really Last.... Another Cat and Lunch of Cafe Mardi Gras

Good Night !

More Cats and Cafe Mardi Gras

Last pics today. Enjoy ! ( Cats, Cafe Mardi Gras)

Cafe Mardi Gras:

Located in hidden alley in Shimokitazawa. Last time I had lunch with Ms. S here, I had lunch set. Will show you in the next post.
TEL : 03-3466-1035
2-31-1 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

From Shimokitazawa station, take north exit. Turn right at peacock store or in front of flower shop.
Take another right at the next corner . ( Before you turn, there is Yokohama Bank on your left. )
You will find Mardi Gras ' display borad which has lunch set pics.

Some More Cats...

Usually Ms. S finds foster parents for these kittens, but sometimes she can't. In that case, we do TNR....

Will show you a cafe/ restaurant that Ms. S likes. Nice cozy place.

Some Cats We Saved....

Did I show you these? Bit Old, but ....Right now I 'm trying to organize my pics.... I 'd like to show you which explains a bit of my life here.

Ms. S and I have been saving stray cats.... mostly, Ms. S. I do only in my area and only when I can.


Listening to My Body

The season is changing.... I can feel it. Do you feel it ? I think if you are healthy enough, your body tells you what you need to eat or how much you should eat. I feel Spring is coming.... meaning my body says I don't need that much now. During Winter or before Winter, I have more appetite. Probably it's already in DNA or programmed from human history. In order to get over the cold weather, possible disease, infections, my body orders me to eat more and get more fat to protect myself.


Mamehico in Sangenjaya --- Decor & Food

Hope these pics show you the place well.
Open sandwich was good w/ fresh baby leaves, apple.... there was a kettle and you can have refill hot water if you order Mugcha ( mug tea ).

I love this place.

Although there are thousands of cafe in Tokyo, this kind of space is rare...

"Mamehico" Sangenjaya

The one in Shibuya is larger. This one is original, it seems. This Sangenjaya Mamehico has same ambiance, quality, tranquility, warm touch with wooden furniture.

One afternoon, you can bring a book and read there. Enjoy peaceful time....

Located behind Carrot Tower. One minute from Sangenjaya Station.


MISO SOUP --- Variations

When I made this label " Miso Soup Variation", I was going to explain one by one whenever I cooked miso soup. However, when I write this blog, I have been busy with other things and haven't explained enough. Today, let me give you 10 combination that I can think of AS OF TODAY. ( I think there are countless combination you can make. I will write again when I realized or remember this label, so, this is just for today. You can create your own ! )

1. Tofu and Scallion. ( Traditional and Typical Combination. Adding deep fried bean curd is also popular . )

2. Spinach , Tofu and Seaweed

3. Sweet potato, Seaweed, Scallion ( Not typical probably, but I like this.)

4. Potato and Seaweed

5. Tofu and Seaweed

6. Japanese Daikon Radish and Deep Fried Bean curd

7. Shredded Cabbage and Bacon ( Somehow, it tastes good... )

8. Shiitake Mushroom , Shimeji Mushroom etc.

9. Slice Egg Plant and Myoga ( Popular in Summer )

10. Sliced Turnip and Its Chopped Leave

There are various miso. Try to find your favorite and enjoy ! Lately, I like sweeter miso.... usually whiter color. Darker miso is usually more salty.

Midnight Snacks, Nibbles.... for Soccer Game Watching

I knew it would be heavy, but I need to have these.
About one hour before kick-off the game, I started preparing these. And a can of beer. ( This is something you MUST have, right ? )

Top is fried chicken , the green thing is dried parsley, right is sweets ( sugar coated Japanese rice crispy and almond candy bar and almond chocolates ), down right is fried potato ( Small cubes ), top left is peanuts and spicy rice cracker ( kakinotane meaning persimmon seeds since the shape is like that ) and then down left is cooked dish ( freeze dried tofu , horse bean and carrot cooked in soy sauce, dashi soup and mirin = sweet rice wine ). Of course, it is heavy if you eat this and drink beer after midnight.

They were delicious though , and most importantly, these were another booster of soccer watching !

Freeze Dried Tofu:

I just wanted to add some green, so used frozen horsebean, but you do not have to, if you don't.
You could add cooked edamame or some green veggie, if you'd like to add more color.

Koya Dofu = Freeze dried tofu ( In Kanto region, if you ask for it at super market, you can easily find it.
It is nutritious with calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin E , iron etc. etc... In other region, I think they call it differently. ) --- this one was smaller cubes than regular size. I used about 15 cubes total.

Carrot--- 1/2. Horsebean --- 10 pieces. Already cooked and frozen. Unshelled.
You can use any pan if it has certain depth. I used small milk pan this time.

1. Pour about 200 cc water into the pan and bring it to boil. Add some dashi powder ( to taste, I put about 1 to 2 teaspoonful powder ) and 1 table spoon of mirin ( sweet rice wine ) and 1 table spoon of soy sauce and a pinch of salt . ( up to you )

2. Add Koya dofu and sliced carrot. Cook for 15 to 20 min. till all the water is absorbed into Koya dofu and carrot. Add horsebean.

Koya dofu's cooking method depends on the brand. This one didn't require any pre-cooking, but sometimes you need to soak into lukewarm water. Read or ask for the direction before cooking, please. Enjoy !

Rice Crispy w/ dried fruits and Banana

Yes, my stomach felt little heavy this morning.
Breakfast was rice crispy which has dried blue berry, cranberry, sunflower nuts etc.

I added some banana on the top and ate with milk.

The reason ? Japanese people or Australian people would know. Last night, there was soccer game and I watched the whole game on TV. The kick off was midnight @ Tokyo time. They played extended game since it was 0-0 after 90 min. game.

When it was finished, already around 2:30 a.m. Thanks to Japanese national team, they won this game, that means Asia Cup Champion for 2011.