Table Ware : Stationary Case

Look at this pink clock. It has glittering stones at 12, 6 and between 4 and 5. Very girly.

For a long time, I was using digital clock, but wanted to change it to analogue type. Digital clock is fine, nothing wrong with it, but all their characters are black and so monotonous, wanted some cheerful color. Also, sort of my resolution for this year is to use time more effectively. To follow the schedules and be more punctual, I wanted to have new clock.

Right is " free cup " , the one I explained in the previous post. The one with pen is a cup for soba soup. Sometimes I use these eating utensils for some other purposes.

Today's Breakfast --- Seasoned Cod Roe

The top is green tea in " free cup". ( This type of cup is popular at ceramic market. Could be used for beer , tea, water , wine, anything. Not traditional shape, but convenient. This one is Arita Yaki meaning Arita Ware.)

Steamed white rice and seasoned ( spicy ) cod roe.
Miso soup had wakame ( seaweed ) and scallion.

Especially for Winter breakfast, having miso soup is nice. Warms me up.

Wooden Spoons and Forks

I went to Setagaya Boro Ichi (Rag Market ) on 16.
Boro Ichi is held on December 15, 16 and January 15, 16 every year in Setagaya... the closest stations are Kamimachi or Setagaya on Tokyu Setagaya Line... local, short line running in residential area.
The north end is Shimotakaido and the south end is Sangenjaya.

They have antiques, ceramics, kimono, furnitures, food etc...

I am now using these spoons for coffee, tea or for pudding. Forks are for Japanese sweets. These are new products, not second hand. Wooden products have warmth.