Wrapping Up Wedding ---- Dessert

You are already tired of looking at wedding food ?  Thank you for checking my blog today.

Yes, it went on and each plate was so nicely decorated and tasty.  I wanted to share these with you.

The friend, the bride made speech at the end thanking to both parents, gloom's and her parents.

It was such a nice speech...... tears came out...Her choice of career or how to live was little different from others or didn't follow the parents' expectations.  She struggled though to find her own way and here she is.....

A Slice from Wedding Cake 


Anonymous said...

beautiful and best wishes to the bride, we must always be true to ourselves, she must please herself first, It would be difficult to live in a job to please just your parents, that would be loving a lie,

Yasuko Watanabe said...

thank you for the comment. i agree with you. was happy to see that apparently her parents understood her eventually.