Very Hot ! My Body Started Sweating !!!

Nezumi Daikon ( Mini Very Hot Daikon Radish) 

Udon, Miso & Grated Mini Radish 
This is very small, mini daikon radish.
Apparently, this is from Shinshu or Nagano Prefecture.

This was given from my friends whose relatives are in Nagano region.

Oh, I was surprised by its pungency.
Very hot.

Both noodle and sauce is cold, so when I learned this recipe, I thought " isn't this too cold for Winter dinner ? "

No!   I started eating this cold dish, my body started sweating.  The reason is this radish.  Very hot.  It was sooooo good.

Thank you, my friends !


Grated Mini Daikon Radish ( called Nezumi: Mouse or Rat : Radish )
Miso ( 1 table spoon )  Stir it into grated radish.

Cook udon noodle following instruction. ( This was thin, so I cooked about 5 min. )
Drain water and wash in running water.   Place in plates.

Enjoy dip it into the sauce. ( Maybe you can use regular radish, which will be sweeter.)


Anonymous said...

what a surprise for sure, the small ones must be more heat packed.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

thank you for the note. it was surprising !