Simple Meal soothes My Stomach

Rice & Soup 
This is not typical Japanese breakfast.
The soup is more like Western.

It has sausage, carrot, komatsuna( similar to spinach) etc..
I made it miso soup.  You don't even have to use "dashi", the Japanese soup stock.  Instead of Japanese soup, you can use regular soup cubes.

Then add miso when the ingredients are ready... little by little till miso is fully dissolved.

The left is rice.  The topping is something new I found at store.  Bottled seasoned minced chicken.  It already tastes good, so I just added grated ginger.

We are in holiday season already.  You often go to parties, gathering and drink, eat A LOT !  This kind of simple meal is soothing and helps stomach stay healthy. ( for me.)


Anonymous said...

well it sounds and looks like a lovely meal.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

thank you, laurie.