Second House, Shimokitazawa

Berry Cheese Cake 
I rarely buy cake for myself.

Once in a while, though, I feel the urge to eat some.

At Second House, Shimokitazawa, they have irresistible cakes which are shining in the display window.

Yes, this was delicious.



Anonymous said...

oh my gosh I missed so many of your posts, my blogger reading list is not showing your posts for some reason.I have just read them all to catch up.The cafe with the christmas tree looks lovely, coffee and green tea together, blech!!!
The Rag Market sounds very exciting, I love seeing the photosof the people on the streets.
All the Bonsia trees look amazing, I had one for many years then it dies, so sad.
We are preparing for a family get together on Sunday and its crazy busy around this house, so many things to do and never enough time in the day.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

laurie, thank you for checking with my blog as always !
that cafe is so relaxing... will try to show more people....on the streets.

i have christmas day party on sunday instead of eve.
looking forward to it !