Manly Restaurant !? Would You Go ???

Pork Cutlet Curry and Rice 
Is there men's restaurants in your country ?

Well, not the clubs with beautiful ladies.

I am talking about casual, sometimes standing fast food place.

This is usually occupied by men.

C&C curry shop.  I sometimes go in there , which is usually when I am in a hurry or too tired.  The other day, I needed to run to Shibuya.  Got things done.
Then I realized that I was too hungry to go home and cook.

Stopped by.  Had this curry..... it is delicious.  If this is home, I would make green salad or something with vegetable, but no, when you are tired, this is a feast.


Anonymous said...

we don't have places where just men go, sounds like it must be yummy this curry,

Yasuko Watanabe said...

we have many of this. yet, they used to be occupied by only men, but nowadays, women ( like me ) can be seen in these places.

when the food is good, it doesn't matter to me !!!