Hot Soupy Food in Winter Morning

Soba Noodle for Breakfast
During summer time, I wouldn't have this for breakfast.

Found naruto ( this flower like fish sausage) in the fridge.

Cooked soba quickly and added sliced naruto, green onion.

Also, in the cup, saved healthy soba water.  Supposed to be good for you with its rutin.

Cook the soba noodle following the direction.
While cooking soba, prepare hot water and make the soup from bottled soba-tsuyu.( usually sold in a bottle ).
Chop the onion and slice the fish sausage.

When soba is ready, don't dump the hot water that soba was in.  Save it for drinking later.  Put the soba noodle in the bowl which has soup.  Put the toppings.

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