Yakitori Soup Rice --- from Inspiration !

Yakitori Soup Rice
This was actually good..... if you can find Yakitori or canned Yakitori ( grilled chicken ) , I would recommend to try once.

Especially if you have left over Yakitori from previous night, don't waste it !
I found this canned Yakitori in my food storage.  The commercial film gave me a inspiration.... CF said " try make this from your left over.... put our Chinese Chicken Soup Stock over the rice and Yakitori..... pour hot water ..... Tastes good ! " or something.   Of course, to push you to buy the Chinese Chicken Soup Stock.  I already had one ( could be different brand ) in my kitchen.    Yummmmm and Eaaaaaasy.   My own idea was to put wasabi on the side as condiment.   It tasted so good.

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