Monday Dinner .....Did I Study @ 37 !?

Grilled Fish with Daikon Radish ( Grated )

Vegetables in Thick Soup
The Course menu @ Kisaku continues as shown on the left.

It was healthy, beautiful, delicious meal.

Let me tell you this story tonight.
Not related to this food.....

Somebody remembered me... some girl... younger than I.  She decided to re-start her life and got divorced.

When she was thinking about her 2nd stage of her life, what pushed her was the memory of the conversation .... with me, which sounds great, but it seems the background of myself in her memo is different from myself.

This is complicated, but I thought " people's memory swell...."

In her memory, I went to foreign country @ the age of 37 and came back to Japan and started new career, which is different.  My business is little different.   I went to the states when I was in 20s for several months, that's all.  I studied English mostly in Japan.

This story came from our mutual acquaintance and I was stunned because the detail of my story was quite different.

I am still wondering why she got that notion, but it happens.  Yes, I got little confused..... I have to admit though that I was surprised and touched that she was saying that she was pushed by my words, which I do not remember really.  Apparently, I told her " Make it happen. "  or "  If you try, you can make it. " hmmmm.  I should keep saying it to myself !  (
Rice in Soup ( Ochazuke ) 


Anonymous said...

I think it really doesn't matter what you remeber its that you touched her life in such a way you impacted her greatly, thats very powerful, we can never control how people percieve us, its all in the interpretation,,

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Thank you laurie, reading my note again, I feel I was not sure how I should take it. If she is happy with that impact, I am happy.

I sometimes do not realize that people remember what I say, but it does affect people ..... the thing is.... when you try to assert yourself, often it ends up getting rejected, but when you don't mean it, it is taken.

life is deep !