Makomodake---- Not a Rice

Grilled Pork and Makomodake
It's not rice....,but perhaps belongs to the family of rice.... the English name is Manchurian Wile Rice...., which is sitting on the top of the pork.

Makomodake.... we call it.  It has bamboo shoot like texture and a slight corn flavor.... I love it!

Then the pork.  I could have stopped at the fish.... but wanted to have some red wine.... then a bit of pork..... Men usually say " You eat very little. "  to a lady.  I was told " You eat a lot."  Thank you .  I have very healthy appetite !!!

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hastern said...

I saw makomodake on a recent episode of Kitchen Car Comes to Town (キッチンが走る) and had to investigate. Your article is the only one I find in English. おいしそう!