Friend from Silicon Valley --- @ Nicolai Bergmann Cafe

Carrot Cake

Nicolai Bergmann Flower Shop
Glad that I went back to that cafe again.
Nicolai Bergmann.... the Florist in Omotesando.

My friend was visiting Tokyo and I wanted to take her to a somewhere nice....

Last time I met her was probably 9 years ago in San Francisco.

Time flies.  We tried to catch up, but wish we had more time.

One thing I learned from her ( Silicon Valley resident ! ) was Pomodoro Technique.

Did you know that ?  I didn't know that so, googled and found it immediately.

Downloaded the application.

It's about time management and the tool.  You can use your timer on your phone or kitchen timer.  I wanted to use it on PC, so purchased the application.  Set 25 min. and take 5 min. break and then set 25 min. again.  During the 25 min. you just focus on the thing you are working on.

Nowadays, there are so much information and SNS and others which interfere with your work.  ( Is it just me ? )  So, it helps.

Started using it.  Let's see how it helps.


Anonymous said...

that is a great application, it's difficult to focus on one thing when many are calling you in other directions,, lovely cake, my husbands favorite desert.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

thank you, laurie. so far, i love it. cake was unusually big here. ( in japan, portion tends to be small.)

have a good weekend.