dill fait beau 16 --Bistro in Shimokitazawa III

White Fish in Barley 
You would enjoy the texture of this dish..... chewy barley is the bedding for this well cooked white fish..... the crunchy skin and fluffy white meat.

The herb or spice aroma spreads in your mouth with no fishy smell....

I enjoyed a glass of white wine with it.


Anonymous said...

I have had my blog attacked and I had to start a new one, I hope if you followed my old one you can find me at my new one.
I have had to catch up with your past posts, I enjoy so much reading your entries, I hope you have been well,

Yasuko Watanabe said...

laurie, thank you for your comment. that's shocking !
i'm so sorry to hear that. god, i should make back ups.

thank you for coming back.